The number of web users in Latin America increases 15%, comScore says

Brazil is the region’s largest online market, but Venezuela records the largest gain.

Thad Rueter

Nearly 113 million Latin American consumers aged 15 and older accessed the Internet in January, up 15% from the same month a year ago, according to web measurement firm comScore Inc.

Brazil stands as the region’s largest online market, with 40.53 million web users, up 20% from last year. Other countries had higher rates of growth, however. Venezuala’s online population increased 27% year over year, to 2.91 million. Colombia’s online population grew 24% in January, to 12.41 million. And Mexico had a growth rate of 21%, to 18.11 million users. The figures do not take into account consumers who visit web sites from mobile device or Internet cafes.

"During the past year, Latin America has experienced strong growth in Internet usage throughout the region," says Alejandro Fosk, comScore senior vice president of Latin America. "Consumers are turning to the Internet for a variety of activities including communication, social connection, information and commerce as the web becomes an increasingly valuable resource for consumers and marketers alike. With continued growth expected across the region, advertisers and publishers are just beginning to realize the tremendous potential that exists for this channel throughout Latin America."

On average, web users in Latin America spent 24 hours online in January, visiting the web 50 times during the month and viewing 1,795 pages of content. Brazilian consumers spent the most time online, 25.8 hours, and viewed the most content, 2,077 pages, and had the highest average monthly visits per consumer, 55.5. Consumers in Argentina also exceeded the monthly average for time spent online, with 25.5 hours, as did consumers in Mexico, with 25.3 hours. Consumers in Puetro Rico spent the least amount of time online, 18 hours.


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