Elliptigo explains its unfamiliar product through web videos

The demonstrations show shoppers how to use bicycle-like exercise devices.

Zak Stambor

Manufacturer and online retailer Elliptigo often has a hard time communicating what its products—which are essentially a mishmash of a bicycle and elliptical machine—are and how they work, says Bryan Pate, the company’s CEO. “You can say its a blend of an elliptical and a bike, but most people have virtually no idea what that means,” he says.

But when consumers see the product in action via videos—most often on the retailer’s web site—they quickly grasp the concept.

“Literally in less than five seconds of watching an Elliptigo in action, people understand it,” says Pate.

That’s why videos are crucial to the manufacturer’s consumer awareness strategy.

“Video is at the core of our ability to raise awareness of our products,” he says. “It’s almost a requirement.”

Working with video platform provider Vzaar, the retailer peppers videos throughout its web site, including its hero shot, the central image on the site’s home page. The videos show both professional athletes and regular consumers using the device.

By making its videos prominent, Elliptigo compels shoppers to click to watch the videos. In February, for instance, the site had 26,000 video plays and 30,000 unique site visitors. In January the site had 41,500 video plays and 46,000 unique visitors.

“If someone doesn’t watch our videos, we’ve blown our chance to make a sale,” says Pate.


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