Music Factory Direct explains how to fine-tune a mobile site

Focus on navigation and keep checkout short and sweet, says a conference speaker.

Katie Evans

MusicFactoryDirect.com learned quite a bit about mobile site design when it created a mobile commerce site less than a year ago—some of it the hard way, says Stephen Leitch, marketing and I.T. director, for the retailer.

Leitch, who will be speaking next week at the Internet Retailer Web Design & Usability Conference 2011 at a session entitled “Mobile: Step by step through a mobile site design,”  says it was worth the effort.

Less than one year after Music Factory Direct launched its mobile site, the retailer is gaining more new shoppers via mobile devices than through the site designed for PCs. 4% of the retailer’s total visitors now come from a mobile device. Top mobile devices in terms of traffic are the iPhone, the iPod Touch (the site attracts many musicians), the iPad and mobile devices using Google Inc.’s Android operating system.

“According to our latest research, consumers are using their smartphones to compare prices, look up product information and 'window shop,’” he says. That stands to continue, he says, because m-commerce is growing rapidly.

In his session Leitch will share tips for m-commerce site design such as how to focus on simple navigation and how to build a mobile site with commerce in mind.

“I’ll be sharing our experience of building a mobile site, the importance of doing it, how to do it and the results we have seen thus far,” he says.


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