InvitationConsultants.com Celebrates a Great Holiday Season with Celebros Site-Search

The online invitation boutique pushed site-search conversion rate to be 8 times better than non-search traffic.


Invitation Consultants, the full service online invitation company, reaped its on-going investment in site-search optimization, serving site search users accurately and efficiently, pushing site search related revenues and conversion rate to a high record, making the holiday season a great success.

"We aim for every customer to find what she needs on our web site. We carry a huge product selection--over 10,000 different products arranged in more than 200 categories--in all shapes, sizes and materials, and are constantly expanding our selection. Our search and merchandising platform is the bridge that connects between the multitude of terms people exhibit planning their event, and the actual products in our catalog," said Mr. Olivier De Meulder, Vice President, InvitationConsultants.com

"We believe in convenience. Our website is easy to use, and we are always trying to improve it, because ordering invitations and stationery online should be easy and convenient. Our customers are not always sure of the product for which they are searching. The Celebros Site Search made our website convenient in this aspect too. Our site search is quick and efficient. Results are retuned in a snap. It brings up the right products on the first time, every time."

"Celebros provides us with fantastic customer service and on-going professionalism, becoming a true partner of our business. They proved to be very friendly to our long term vision!" added Mr. De Meulder.

"Our hundreds of happy customers have proven Celebros Site-Search to be indispensable in delivering relevant information--often, the difference between making the sale and the user leaving empty-handed," said Ofer Alt, CEO of Celebros. "I am happy we could support InvitationConsultants in making their holiday season such a success, making so many matches between users and relevant products," added Mr. Alt.

About Invitation Consultants, Inc.

Invitation Consultants, Inc. (http://www.invitationconsultants.com, http://www.facebook.com/InvitationConsultantsInc) is a full service, online invitation company based in Tampa, FL, that assists customers in selecting, ordering and personalizing invitations, special occasion announcements and stationery for every style and event. The company was founded in 1999 by Allison De Meulder. Currently, Invitation Consultants offers consumers over 10,000 products. To learn more about Invitation Consultants and its offerings, please visit InvitationConsultants.com.

About Celebros

Celebros, Inc. is a global leader in site-search, merchandizing, recommendations and mobile commerce for online retailers. Through its intelligent concept-based (semantic) search, Celebros focuses on improving the financial performance of online stores, in the form of increased Conversion Rate and Revenues.



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