ClearSaleing Multi-Brand Attribution Analytics Raises Brand Advertiser ROI

Advertisers with Multiple Brand Sites Gain Deeper Attribution Insights into Customer Behavior.


COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 2, 2010) –  Customers travel in many directions along a Purchase Path, from email to shopping engine to landing page.  But within a larger "brand family” of more than one site, advertisers haven’t been able to accurately track how multiple brand sites affect a customer’s ultimate purchase decision—until now.  Today, ClearSaleing announced the solution: Multi-Brand Attribution by which advertisers can apply attribution analysis and view their multiple brand sites as “one" from an advertising and analysis perspective.

“Large advertisers tend to consolidate brands that speak to a common consumer.  By applying Multi-Brand Attribution, advertisers will learn which brands speak best to a consumer based on their need, their pattern of behavior along the Purchase Path, and whether they eventually choose to purchase online or offline,” says Dustin Engel, ClearSaleing Chief Revenue and Strategy Officer.

Multi-Brand Attribution monitors all advertising interactions within an advertiser’s brand family and “connects” sessions on each site, says Engel.

As the holiday buying season heats up, ClearSaleing’s Multi-Brand Attribution is helping major consumer brand advertisers refine their ad spend.  “We are helping advertisers to learn more precisely how one of their brands may first attract customers, who then switch to another of their brand family sites.  Through Multi-Brand Attribution, advertisers may find one brand is so powerful that it brings consumers in, and from there they may travel to a sister site, and eventually make a purchase,” says Engel.

ClearSaleing helps them better allocate marketing spend across channels, and see the interrelationship between the brands,” Engel explains.  Multi-Brand Attribution also provides large advertisers with insights into which brands are more efficient in speaking to new consumers, and which brands are most efficient in creating a profitable transaction, he adds.  Information obtained from Multi-Brand Attribution can be integrated with ClearSaleing’s geographic, demographic and psychographic profiling capabilities, for a deeper analysis of consumer behavior.

A recent Forrester Consulting study, The Total Economic ImpactTM of ClearSaleing, showed ClearSaleing’s attribution technology delivered a 605% ROI to its clients. The study, available at http://landing.clearsaleing.com/tei, analyzed four ClearSaleing clients, including a national financial services organization, an online retail organization, the online retail arm of a multinational automotive products and services company, and a full-service digital advertising agency. Forrester Consulting found that, by using ClearSaleing, these companies experienced a net present value of more than $2.3 million, in addition to improving efficiencies in decision making and media buying and increasing productivity in automation and reporting.



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