Billing Revolution’s Single-Click Checkout Now Sponsored by Citi

Proprietary service developed by Seattle company is a game-changer for mobile commerce


Seattle, Washington – November 8, 2010 -- Billing Revolution today announced Citi as a major sponsor of its proprietary Single-Click Checkout service, a mobile app designed to process credit card transactions in-app or on mobile web sites. Single-Click Checkout enables customers to easily conduct credit card purchases with their mobile devices from any web- or mobile-based merchant without entering a user name and password.

"With this announcement we are stepping outside the walled garden of payments, where in the past merchants have been limited to operator billing or apps-store billing," says Billing Revolution CEO Andy Kleitsch. "Now merchants have a credit card payment application sponsored by one of the largest banks in the US, enabling inexpensive, secure, single-click checkout for any item." 

Until now, many mobile merchants have had to rely on carrier payments or app-store payments which charge processing fees of 30 percent or more; there hasn't been a low-cost, widely accepted, standardized way of processing transactions. With its Single-Click Checkout service, Billing Revolution is creating a world-class experience for shoppers and merchants, resulting in a seamless mobile commerce experience for all.

"We have found that an easy checkout experience is critical for the adoption of mobile commerce," says Kleitsch. "Through its support, Citi is sponsoring a unique category of payment that can be used across multiple merchants, a game-changer for the industry. Single-Click Checkout sponsored by Citi is a solution for all merchants who want a secure, easy-to-use mobile wallet without the hassle of creating multiple user accounts and entering verification information with each purchase."

Single-Click Checkout sponsored by Citi is a snap to use, and the innovative in-app 'pop-over' design is the first of its kind and a game-changer for mobile credit card transactions. Once the unique device ID is established, consumers are just one click away from the goods and services they want. Single-Click Checkout sponsored by Citi will be available for developers on November 8 and is expected to launch for consumers on November 29.

About Single-Click Checkout by Billing Revolution

Single-Click Checkout enables secure credit card purchases in-app and from any web-enabled mobile device. Mobile customers use Billing Revolution’s proprietary Single-Click Checkout service to conduct credit card purchases across multiple merchants without the need of a username or password. For more information about Billing Revolution and Single-Click Checkout, please visit www.SingleClickCheckout.com

Contact: Sara Ball, 206-419-4988