Cotendo Unveils Page Speed Automatic Web Site Optimization Service Powered by Open Source Technology Developed at Google

 New service implements a comprehensive set of best practices designed to automatically minimize page load time and enhance web performance for code passing through a CDN


Sunnyvale, California, USA - November 3, 2010 - Cotendo, a fast growing provider of innovative Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Value Added Site Acceleration services, announced the deployment of Page Speed Automatic, a new web site code optimization service that uses the optimization engine of the mod_pagespeed open source project developed at Google.  Cotendo worked closely with Google to enhance the mod_pagespeed code to address massively scaled content delivery environments and deployment to multiple customers and various configurations in a service environment. 

This new service from Cotendo automatically optimizes code of HTML pages as they enter the CDN to provide maximum acceleration benefits to Web application and page delivery. Page Speed Automatic's code modification methodology is built on a comprehensive and constantly updated set of best practices that are designed to minimize page load time and enhance web performance.

"Speed is key for each product we develop," says Arvind Jain, Engineering Director at Google.  "We worked with Cotendo to adapt mod_pagespeed to their application platform, and they moved rapidly from concept to code to product, demonstrating an impressive speed-up in their customers' site performance."

This new Cotendo service will optimize caching, reduce the number of data requests, and reduce the payload size of pages, among other features. In aggregate, these code modifications, when rendered within Cotendo's network, can reduce image size by 20% to 30% and page load time by as much as 50% on top of the acceleration already achieved by Cotendo's existing site acceleration services including its Dynamic Site Acceleration Service.

Unlike systems or methods that attempt to optimize site code during development or deployment to a Web server, Cotendo's Page Speed Automatic service automatically optimizes HTML on the fly. Cotendo makes the changes in real time effectively processing and personalizing each request as it arrives. As part of Cotendo's new service all new Google Page Speed best practice standards will automatically be incorporated to ensure the best up-to-date optimized user experience.

"We are thrilled to be working with Google to deploy and commercialize an innovative service that makes the web faster," says Ronni Zehavi, CEO of Cotendo. "We believe that smarter technology, like our performance application platform, will play an important role in advancing the base set of capabilities required to support the best ideas of our partners and customers."

Mod_pagespeed plugs into the popular Apache Web Server as an on-the-fly HTML code optimizer.  Cotendo and Google will jointly present this technology for the first time at ApacheCon 2010 in Atlanta on November 3.


The new Page Speed service offered by Cotendo will be part of its proprietary new performance application platform Cloudlet(TM), which is able to execute both open source and any proprietary code. Cotendo's new platform is in production with select customers and partners, which will be announced soon. 

About Cotendo

Cotendo is an innovative provider of CDN and Site Acceleration services and a leader in creation of technologies that allow website operators and large enterprises to dramatically improve web performance and radically simplify content delivery management. Cotendo's customer base includes Fortune 500 enterprises, Tier 1 telecommunications providers  eCommerce sites, advertising networks, and some of the world's largest social networks.

Cotendo's unique suite of software-based content acceleration offerings provides unprecedented site performance, transparency and application-level management capabilities as well as granular content delivery flexibility, and best-in-class content acceleration capabilities. The company's management team is comprised of acknowledged innovators in intelligent content management and content delivery networks. Founded in 2008, Cotendo is funded by Sequoia Capital, Benchmark Capital and Tenaya Capital. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley with R&D based in Israel. For more information about Cotendo and its CDN and Site Acceleration Services Suite, visit www.cotendo.com.