Just in Time for the Holidays, All-New Version of Top Shopping App ShopSavvy Hits the iTunes Store

ShopSavvy 4 plans to grow 6.5 million user base with new “social shopping” features, including the ability to instantly share hot holiday deals with others.


DALLAS, November 1, 2010 —ShopSavvy 4, an all-new version of the popular ShopSavvy® shopping app for iPhone users, hits the iTunes Store today, marking the official start of the holiday shopping season for the millions of smartphone users who scan product barcodes to find the best deals on consumer electronics, toys, DVDs, video games and more.   ShopSavvy’s 6.5 million users are expected to conduct more than 100 million scans between now and Christmas.

"ShopSavvy began as a barcode-scanning app that helped consumers compare prices at the point of purchase,” said Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy co-creator. “Now, with ShopSavvy 4 for iPhone, we’ve taken the app to an entirely new level – enabling consumers not only to see information from our extensive price comparison engine, but to add their own deals, discoveries, ratings and reviews to our database.  We’ve brought the power of Wikipedia-style crowdsourcing to shoppers.”

New features in ShopSavvy 4 include:

•     5x faster scanning.  ShopSavvy 4 offers scanning that’s five times faster than any previous version of ShopSavvy for iPhone, with the ability to scan barcodes from any angle.  It makes it easier than ever to scan every item before you buy it.

•     Add and share product photos and prices.  When users find a product, price or retailer that’s not already in ShopSavvy’s price comparison engine, they can instantly add it – taking the product’s photo and adding the price, store name, and other descriptive information.  ShopSavvy 4 filters user submissions to optimize accuracy.

•     Add and share product ratings and reviews. In previous versions of ShopSavvy, users could scan books, DVDs, consumer electronics and other products to call up third-party online reviews.  In ShopSavvy 4, users can add their own ratings and reviews -- and share them with the universe of ShopSavvy users.

•     Instant sharing on Facebook and Twitter.  Find a hot deal?  Tell all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks with a tap of your screen.

•     Search by product name.  When you want to compare prices without using your scanner, ShopSavvy 4 lets you search by product name, adding as-you-type suggestions to help you find your product fast.

•     Streaming deals.  ShopSavvy 4 offers a Twitter-like stream of special deals and short-term promotions aggregated from sources across the Web, as well as exclusive deals for ShopSavvy users.

•     Find out retailer price-matching policies and if items are in stock. ShopSavvy 4 lets you know if the store where you’re scanning will match the lowest price.  ShopSavvy 4 also tells you if products are in stock at nearby stores.

•     Highly targeted advertising.  For advertisers, ShopSavvy 4 now offers AdOns®, -- highly targeted advertising, coupons, warranty offers, and promotions at the point of highest purchase intent, when users are standing in a retail store with a potential purchase in hand.  AdOns combine location- and product-specific data to deliver precise marketing content to users.

To download ShopSavvy 4 in the iTunes Stores, visit http://bit.ly/shopsavvyiphone.

ShopSavvy 4 for Android, offering all the same features as the iPhone version, will be available by Black Friday.

About ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy, developed by Dallas-based Big in Japan, is a personal shopping companion for smartphone users.  The application enables consumers to scan the UPC, EAN or QR barcodes of products they want to buy and do immediate, in-store price comparisons with local and online retailers. ShopSavvy has emerged as one of the most celebrated and widely embraced shopping apps for Android, the iPhone, and Nokia smartphones, with more than 6.5 million ShopSavvy users performing 50 million scans monthly. ShopSavvy’s price comparison engine includes up-to-date pricing and inventory information from more than 20,000 retailers worldwide, covering more than 20 million products. For more information, visit http://shopsavvy.mobi.