Channel Intelligence Announces Support for the Marketplace at Sears.com

A fully managed solultion connects retailers with Sears.com.


ORLANDO, Fla. — (Nov. 1, 2010) – In order to provide retailers with another high-profile sales channel for their products, the Channel Intelligence Online Marketplace Solution now includes support for the Marketplace at Sears.com.

Channel Intelligence is the first service provider connecting retailers to the Sears marketplace through a fully managed solution, which means retailers benefit from intelligent, day-to-day merchandising best practices directed by a CI strategic marketing consultant.

As an addition to CI's marketplace lineup, the venerable Sears brand is a perfect complement to Amazon.com and eBay, which are also available as part of the performance-based Online Marketplace Solution. "Sears is a traditional brand trusted by consumers throughout the United States and Canada," said Luke Nazzaro, product manager for the Channel Intelligence Online Marketplace Solution. "With so many loyal Sears shoppers and credit-card holders, this is an incredible opportunity for retailers to expand their customer base."

• Intelligent, full-service management by a strategic marketing consultant

• Product matching to the marketplace catalog as needed

• Daily data delivery – including intra-day product and pricing updates

• A centralized portal for accurate order and fulfillment information

CI's proprietary product-matching service enables effortless connection of a retailer's products to the appropriate corresponding product in a marketplace.Then through a combination of automated processes and personal management, CI's strategic marketing consultants ensure the proper product selection is represented online.

About Channel Intelligence

CI helps retailers, manufacturers and other advertisers make their products and services easier for consumers to find and buy online and in local retail stores. CI offers the most complete set of performance-based commerce services in the industry. It integrates a powerful product database with online marketing services such as display advertising, manufacturer based where-to-buy, paid search, shopping engines, social networking, storefront, order management and robust performance analytics.

The company, through its proprietary Ad Network, also drives $2B annually in referred sales from leading manufacturers to retailers in Computing, Home Improvement, Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Toys and a variety of other consumer packed goods. Clients include Best Buy, HP Home and Home Office, Kimberly-Clark, Neiman Marcus, Philips, Target, Garmin, OfficeMax, Samsung, Charming Shoppes, Black & Decker and hundreds more. CI is a partner company of Internet Capital Group (Nasdaq: ICGE) and Aweida Capital Management. Learn more at http://www.channelintelligence.com.

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