Website Conversions Jump 17.6% for iNetVideo.com with buySAFE

buySAFE Inc. provides eCommerce bonding service.


Arlington, VA and Plattsburgh, NY (September 2, 2010) – buySAFE, Inc., a leading provider of consumer confidence and website conversion solutions for merchants and iNetVideo.com, a leading online retailer for DVD, Blu-Ray and video games determined during a recent A/B test that the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee significantly increased website conversion rates and sales.

iNetVideo.com utilized an A/B testing methodology to objectively measure the conversion, sales and profit impact of using the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee service.  The results were clear and impressive.  The buySAFE Guarantee increased iNetVideo’s website conversion rate by 17.6%.  There were over 200,000 visitors to the site during the testing period, making the results highly statistically significant.  Over the course of a year, this conversion rate increase will drive a substantial increase in sales and profits for iNetVideo as a result of using the buySAFE 3-in-1 Guarantee service.

“The decision to use buySAFE made absolute sense for us.  The value buySAFE provides is consistent with our values and goals for our customers and our organization,” said Alaa Hassan,

General Manager of iNetVideo.  He further added “Because my prices are so low, sometimes shoppers don’t believe I’m selling the real thing.  buySAFE’s explicit 3rd party endorsement and the 3-in-1 Guarantee really increases trust in my business and the promises I make my buyers.  buySAFE is a great complement to my use of McAfee Secure which increases shopper confidence in my website’s security. Together, buySAFE and McAfee Secure are a powerful combination.”

About buySAFE

buySAFE, Inc. provides eCommerce bonding services that build consumer confidence and provide significant financial and brand building benefits for online merchants. buySAFE's bonding solution is backed by the financial strength of Liberty Mutual, Travelers, and ACE USA and its identity theft protection services are provided in partnership with Assurant Specialty Property. With over 4 billion views of the buySAFE Seal, 20 million bonded purchases and over 3,000 buySAFE Merchants, buySAFE is widely recognized as a leader in providing confidence and safety for online buyers and increased sales and profits for online merchants. buySAFE's investors include Grotech Ventures, Core Capital Partners, VeriSign, Inc. and The Hartford Financial Services Group. For more information, visit: http://www.buysafe.com

About iNetVideo

iNetVideo.com, founded in 1999, offers a wide range of movies on DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray Movies, Video Games and Music CDs for Less.  The company offers the ultimate customer experience and “Entertainment for Less”.  iNetVideo is one of the largest liquidators of entertainment products with offices based in the United States and in Canada.  iNetVideo.com has proudly shipped over 3 million orders worldwide.  For more information, visit: http://www.iNetVideo.com


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