Battle of the apps

A Mobile Commerce Forum speaker will show what separates the good apps from the bad.

Mary Wagner

Creating and selling mobile apps is almost an industry unto itself, with retailers rushing to develop apps that consumers think they cannot live without.

Thomas Nawara, Acquity Group’s vice president of digital strategy and design for the north central region, will offer a quick scan of the app universe and project its development over the next few years in a session called “Mobile apps: The good, the bad, the …” at the Mobile Conference Forum 2010, Oct 12-13 in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency.

In the session, Nawara will join two mobile industry experts to discuss examples of mobile apps that hit and miss. “How many apps do you have on your mobile device? And when was the last time you used that one third down on the right of your fourth screen?” he asks.

Nawara plans to highlight a few retailer apps to evaluate why they work, and why some do not. “Attendees should be prepared to learn about some of the key things that make an app successful,” he says.

Consumers download and use apps for a variety of reasons, but consumers typically want an app that is well designed and addresses an urgent or repetitive task, enables communication or socializing, or simply offers education or entertainment, he says.

Why the editors asked Nawara to speak:

Thomas Nawara oversees the strategic direction and tactical execution of key client initiatives in a variety of digital areas, including content and collaboration, commerce, digital marketing, social media and mobile. Before joining Acquity Group, he was director at the management consulting firm Synetro Group and director of e-business for Nicor Gas.


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