Online book retailer Bokus prepares for the future with Apptus eSales

Apptus eSales displays the right products to the right shoppers at the right time


Lund, Sweden, July 5, 2010 – Apptus Technologies AB, a leading provider of eCommerce search and recommendations solutions, today announced that Bokus (www.bokus.com) has launched their new-look eCommerce website incorporating Apptus eSales, its new personalised search and recommendations suite.

Bokus is one of Sweden’s largest online book retailers, carrying nearly 6 million titles.  In 2009, their eCommerce site received up to 80,000 visitors per day and delivered 8,000 – 15,000 books per day, using an early product from Apptus for their site search and navigation.  After merging with Akademibokhandeln in 2008, Bokus embarked upon a significant redesign of their existing website, including a competitive re-evaluation of both organisations’ eCommerce suppliers.

Mats Fagerström, Bokus’ eCommerce Director, chose to focus on improving their customers’ whole online shopping experience. The company was impressed by Apptus’ vision of aligning and optimising all aspects of the site’s interaction with shoppers, observing customer behaviour to personalise site search, navigation and recommendations in an integrated way.  “Not only were we looking for impressive product features, but also for a company whose product vision aligns with our ambitions for an increasingly personalised website”, Mats Fagerström said.

Apptus has provided Bokus with a robust search capability designed to help shoppers overcome the challenge of spelling authors names or remembering exact titles.  Did-you-mean and auto-complete suggestions come in categories, complementing eSales’ flagship high performance ‘incremental search’, which returns results as the user types.  Buyers can zoom in on what they want by filtering and sorting in many ways, and for those who aren’t quite sure what they are looking for, eSales’ socially-driven recommendations will give them plenty of ideas.

“Bokus has always aimed to offer more than books,” says Cecilia Nilsson, Bokus Site manager, “we want to develop a long term relationship with our customers, one in which we can tailor a better service for each individual’s needs. We have a lot of plans for the website over the next few years, and Apptus eSales will help us deliver them.”   The companies are already talking about leveraging the new technology in support of Bokus’ outbound marketing efforts.

“Bokus is a great example of a company thinking about their technology as an investment in long term revenue growth,” says Michael Mokhberi, CEO at Apptus.  “By offering focused search, navigation and recommendations relevant to shoppers interests, Bokus will improve the whole online experience for their customers, leading to increased sales and more return visits.”  

For more information, please contact:

Michael Mokhberi, CEO at Apptus

Mobile: +46 701664102

E-mail: michael.mokhberi@apptus.com

Bokus is an online bookshop with over 6million titles. Bokus is part of Akademibokhandeln, Sweden’s largest bookstore chain with 62 stores across the country and approximately 700 employees. Akademibokhandeln is 100 percent owned by KF.

Apptus is Sweden’s leading e-commerce search & recommendations solution provider, offering an integrated site search & navigation, recommendations and reviews solution that learns from user behaviour and acts to make each individual shopper’s experience increasingly personal and relevant. Founded in 2000, Apptus has delivered large-scale, multi-site, multi-language solutions to some of the world’s largest retailers and online directory suppliers across 18 countries, including CDON, Bokus, ATEA, Fonecta, Hitta and Yell.com. Apptus is headquartered in Sweden with sales offices in the UK, Switzerland and Canada. For more information please visit www.apptus.com.