Offerpop Launches Super Easy-to-Use Social Marketing Apps for Retailers, Brands and Communities on Twitter and Facebook

Initial users of Offerpop’s apps on Twitter include City Sports, Dymocks, iGreenBuild.com, Layla Grayce, and Overnight Prints


New York, NY – June 24, 2010 Offerpop (www.offerpop.com), an innovative new social marketing software company, today launched the first-of-its-kind social marketing platform for easily creating, running and measuring campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.  In development over the past year, Offerpop is designed to help retailers, brands and community owners – and the agencies that serve them – streamline their social marketing, engage more effectively with customers, and boost conversions.

Designed to be super easy-to-use, with no coding or training required, Offerpop raises the bar for ease-of-use, simplicity and speed in creating professional looking social media campaigns.  Offerpop is an ‘all-you-can-eat,’ Web-based service for everyday use – marketers can run as many campaigns as they like for one monthly fee, and get started with a free 14 day trail.

The apps

The Offerpop apps were created to help organizations get started with social media marketing, and as an organization’s social media presence grows, to streamline the design, roll-out and management of social marketing campaigns from one integrated platform.  The Offerpop apps address the practical needs of marketers looking to leverage Twitter and Facebook – from building up qualified followers/fans and engaging with them, to reaching new customers and driving conversions.  Apps include:

The platform

Purpose-built for marketing on Twitter and Facebook, the Offerpop platform powers all of our apps and features the ability to easily customize, schedule and reuse campaigns, automatically create branded landing pages, and deliver offers in a variety of formats, including clickable links, public or private landing pages, and coupons (multi- or single-use codes, mobile, and printable).  Campaigns can be launched or updated in minutes, by simply filling in copy, uploading artwork, selecting a few options - and then previewing the campaign.  Once launched, marketers can track all active campaigns and monitor results in real-time – including reach, virality, clicks, new followers/fans, and the most influential participants.

“Early on we saw Twitter and Facebook transforming the way people relate to the brands, retailers, and communities they love, said Offerpop co-founder Prakash Mishra.  “Every marketer we spoke with was looking for better ways to reach out and engage with their customers using these channels.  It was eye-opening – they were used to great tools like Constant Contact for email, but didn’t have anything for Facebook or Twitter.”

“Making day-to-day social marketing extremely simple for retailers and brands was our first goal, added Offerpop co-founder Wendell Lansford.  “It became clear from working with our launch customers that the tools and pricing model had to mirror that simplicity to meet the ongoing needs of marketers.  That’s exactly the solution we have built.”

 What people are saying

“Offerpop has provided us with some exciting ways to offer promotions to our followers, along with metrics-based reporting that allows us to easily measure our social marketing efforts.” - Wendy Estes, co-founder, Layla Grayce (online home furnishing retailer using Offerpop)

 “With more than 80,000 members, iGreenBuild.com is leveraging social channels to deepen our engagement with our existing community and expand our participation in the green building materials industry.  Offerpop is a key part of our strategy.  It streamlines our campaign development, and it’s incredibly easy to use.” - Rich Moore, principal, New Venture Communications, and executive director, iGreenBuild.com (B2B community using Offerpop)

"We're growing internationally and Twitter is a huge part of our membership.  Offerpop's apps let us quickly and easily engage, drive sales and cross-pollinate our followers in ways that just aren't possible using other tools." Josh Ochs, Founder, MediaLeaders.tv (social media events, marketing and branding agency using Offerpop)


Offerpop for Twitter is available now, and the company is signing up beta customers for its Facebook apps.  Customers can go to www.offerpop.com and run a free 14 day trial of the Twitter apps.  Monthly subscription fees are based on the number of followers or fans a company has.  For example, a brand with less than 500 followers would pay $100/month for unlimited use, one with less than 5,000 followers would pay $250 per month, and one with less than 25,000 followers would pay $999 per month.  There is special pricing for agencies as well.

About Offerpop

Offerpop is an innovative social marketing software company obsessively focused on providing high-value, super easy-to-use apps for Twitter and Facebook which help our customers deliver fun, effective and professional social marketing campaigns.  Offerpop provides a complete Web-based social marketing platform for retailers, brands and communities – and the agencies that serve them.  The Offerpop management team brings together Internet veterans, marketers and entrepreneurs who collectively have over 50 years of experience in Web marketing, CRM and social media.  Based in New York City, Offerpop serves customers around the globe.  Learn more, or get started with a free 14 day trial, at www.offerpop.com.



Allen Bonde

Co-founder and CMO, Offerpop

Mobile: 781-801-0279

email: allen@offerpop.com