Danskin steps up its e-mail click-through rates

The retailer of dance clothes has expanded its global market reach.

Thad Rueter

Click-through rates have increased by at least 10% since Danskin.com, which sells exercise and dance clothes for women and girls, switched its e-mail marketing system in February, says Laura Santos, the online retailer’s direct of e-commerce operations.

Danskin now uses the Campaign Commander platform from e-mail services provider Emailvision. Besides managing its marketing campaigns more efficiently, Danskin also wanted to reach more international customers, Danskin says.

Emailvision has offices in such European countries as the United Kingdom, France and Germany, a presence that made the retailer confident the vendor could handle the different formats and languages that non-U.S. customers would expect, Santos says.

Since February, the retailer has enjoyed a 5% increase in deliverability rates for e-mail marketing blasts, which Danksin largely attributes to more e-mails reaching consumers outside the United States. Danskin also has launched a forward-to-friend feature in its e-mails since switching vendors.

Danskin initiates e-mail promotions and marketing campaigns at least 40 times per year, Santos says. Typically, each blast includes 150,000 e-mails. Santos says the retailer is paying Emailvision about half of what Danskin paid its previous e-mail marketing vendor, but she declines to provide figures.

Santos says testing e-mail marketing messages is easier with the new platform. The retailer can separately test such e-mail features as graphics or subject lines, with small blasts of about 10,000 serving as a de-facto focus group to help the retailer figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Next up for Danskin is integrating its web analytics technology with Campaign Commander to better understand the retailer’s customers and how well its e-mail marketing works.

Danskin is part of The Moret Group.


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