YOUReality Launches Ecommerce Platform Using Augmented Reality

Allows Shoppers Realistic 3D Product Preview in Their Own Space


ATLANTA, June 1 -- The Internet changed how people shop. Now, YOUReality LLC is changing how people will shop online. With the introduction of its Online Retail Visualization tool, YOUReality makes it possible for consumers to shop for products online and view them in 3D before they purchase, in their own spaces, by integrating Augmented Reality into a suite of commerce applications. YOUReality applications answer the question, "What will this look like in my home?"

Created with Augmented Reality pioneers, metaio, Inc., YOUReality's game-changing technology transforms the retail arsenal of features available to attract and convert consumer interest into sales. By unshackling the dimensional limitations of the Internet, YOUReality allows consumers 3D interaction with products and brands like never before. With YOUReality, customers can "bring it home" and try before they buy, allowing consumers to visualize products with life-like 3D models in a photo of their own home environment. The resulting image provides a realistic view of what the object will look like with the ability to position the item (maintaining correct dimension and perspective) and change colors, styles, sizes and textures of the 3D object while viewing it in the photo.

By pioneering the concept of Retail Visualization using the metaio platform, YOUReality has harnessed the power of 3D for a practical purpose. "YOUReality gives cool technology relevance in the world of commerce by driving retail sales through increased conversion rate," says YOUReality founder Michelle Fallon. "Retail Visualization takes the guesswork out of the visual aspects of shopping, making the buying decision faster and easier. Retail Visualization for ecommerce allows product visualization in a web store and then adds the selected items directly to the shopping cart or wish list," she says.

With its suite of cutting-edge 3D applications for retailers, manufacturers, and designers, YOUReality is setting the stage for a wholesale transformation in the way consumers purchase anything that goes into their living space. Feedback from users of YOUReality Professional for Outdoor Kitchens indicates conversion rates of more than 50%, significant increases in average sale, and weeks shaved off of the sales closing process. "YOUReality revolutionizes shopping," Fallon says.

The future is mobile

Retail product visualization on mobile devices is the next big step for augmented reality, moving beyond the gimmicky status. "By integrating products directly into the customer's environment on a smartphone, the shopping experience will become even more convenient and direct," says Dr. Thomas Alt, CEO of metaio, who adds, "Our prototype iLiving, which is already available for iPhones, gives you a glimpse into the future of mobile shopping." Until then, you can experience state of the art ecommerce with YOUReality. metaio and YOUReality are already evaluating solutions in the mobile commerce market.