Quality score assessment can lead to successful paid search campaigns

Christopher Kenney, associate manager for search for VistaPrint, will talk at the Internet Retailer Conference about how consistent quality scores on Google can keep paid search spending in line with expectations.

Internet Retailer

Maintaining consistent quality scores on Google is an excellent way to keep paid search spending in line with expectations and make other necessary adjustments to pay-per-click advertising, says Christopher Kenney, associate manager for search at VistaPrint Ltd., an online retailer and provider of print-related services.

A quality score is an algorithm used by Google AdWords to help ascertain the position in which an ad should be displayed. In a session entitled Keeping your quality score high, Kenney will explain why web merchants of all sizes don’t need to settle for mediocre scores.

By looking closely at immediate and collective quality score data, retailers can spot problems and make immediate fixes that result in higher click-through rates, more relevant rankings and better landing pages. “Good analysis of the quality scores tells you where the improvements need to be made,” says Kenney. “Looking at the quality scores and what they really mean helps maintain the right cost-per-click ratios.”

Many retailers settle for mediocre quality scores when better analysis and corrective action can consistently improve paid search results, says Kenney. At VistaPrint, No. 36 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Kenney regularly looks at quality scores to make adjustments to keyword bids and rankings on Google search pages. “Quality score assessment tells you at the keyword level if you are just churning to get results or if the campaign and landing pages are really relevant.”

Session attendees will learn about best practices to better interpret quality score numbers, says Kenney. “Attendees will be getting the straight facts and how to get back to the basics,” he says.

Why the editors asked Christopher Kenney speak:
Through hands-on experience, Kenney has developed expertise in search marketing. He is responsible for all aspects of North American search engine optimization and search engine marketing at VistaPrint. Chris has been with VistaPrint since 2006.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at IRCE2010.com.


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