The iPhone may reign in traffic, but other phones should not be ignored

The iPhone and iPod Touch account for 57.23% of all U.S. mobile web traffic, site and app builder Netbiscuits finds. But traffic figures by device vary by type of mobile site, the company cautions, and this must be considered when optimizing sites.

Bill Siwicki

 If a retailer optimizes a mobile web site for the iPhone operating system, it will be prepared to handle on average 57.23% of all mobile site page requests in the U.S., according to “The Mobile Web Device Report” by mobile site and app builder Netbiscuits. 45.43% of all mobile web traffic stems from the iPhone 3G and 3GS, and 11.80% from the iPod Touch.


However, retailers cannot necessarily just optimize sites for iPhones and call it a day; they must take a careful look at the devices accessing their sites to paint a larger, and potentially different, picture, Netbiscuits says.


For example, the report studied a U.S.-based mobile service in the search and information market, which it keeps confidential for the purpose of the report. In February 2010, 32.27% of page requests stemmed from the iPhone. 22.89% of requests came from several BlackBerry devices among the top 10 mobile devices that month. However, when the report opens up analysis beyond the top 10 to include all mobile devices, 42 different BlackBerrys generated 33.96% of page requests, edging out the iPhone.


“It depends on the single case,” says Lars Hartkopf, head of marketing at Netbiscuits. “Each case is different and it is wrong to say that the iPhone is the only device that counts, even in the U.S.”


When it comes to the top 10 mobile devices making mobile page requests in the U.S., after Apple the numbers drop significantly. The following are the top 10 mobile devices by share of mobile page requests of Netbiscuits U.S. mobile sites:


1. Apple iPhone 3G and 3GS, 45.43%

2. Apple iPod Touch, 11.80%

3. T-Mobile Dash, 4.81%

4. BlackBerry Curve, 4.24%

5. BlackBerry Storm, 2.14%

6. T-Mobile G1 (Android OS), 2.12%

7. BlackBerry Tour, 1.54%

8. Other, 1.48%

9. BlackBerry Bold, 0.96%

10. Samsung Instinct, 0.90%


All data presented in the report were generated exclusively from web-enabled mobile devices that requested mobile web sites delivered by Netbiscuits. Requests generated by bots, desktop browsers or mobile device emulators were not included. Globally Netbiscuits delivers more than 2.5 billion mobile page impressions every month, the company says.


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