WrestlingGear.com finds success from tailoring and targeting search ad copy

Jeff Pape, president of WrestlingGear.com, will explain at the Internet Retailer Conference how defining specific targets and purposes for search ads leads to more effective ad copy. He’ll also critique search ads volunteered by session attendees.

Zak Stambor


WrestlingGear.com tailored Google AdWord and Facebook ads to boost their effectiveness, improvements that could help make 2010 shape up as the retailer’s most successful year yet, says Jeff Pape, the site’s president.

He will talk about the complexities of search marketing and how e-retailers need to squeeze the greatest return possible out of every dollar spent on search campaigns, in a session entitled Writing ad copy that connects with the customers YOU want.

“I’ll talk about how you can change your ad copy to connect with prospects and customers you really want,” Pape says. “No matter what your goal is, you need a target market and a purpose for your ad.”

He will show examples of Google AdWords and Facebook advertisements that have achieved his goals. Along with the speaker panel, he will also critique ads provided by the audience during the session, as well as share the simple Facebook ad that led consumers to join his fan page.

Why the editors asked Jeff Pape to speak:
As a certified public accountant in Illinois earlier in his career, Jeff focused on tracking expenditures, and at WrestlingGear.com, he’s built on that foundation to develop expertise in tracking the value of marketing spend. Since founding WrestlingGear.com in 1998, he has built the online retailer into one of the largest wrestling equipment stores in the country. Along the way, he has developed skills in achieving web site ranking for organic search as well as cost per click advertising.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at IRCE2010.com.


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