SysIQ Drives Moss Motors.com into the World of Web 2.0

Katie Evans

Site redesign uses Ajax and other Web 2.0 applications to delight customers

March 17, 2010, San Francisco-SysIQ, a leading provider of intelligent e-commerce applications, web site design, marketing and managed services to multi-channel retailers, has been selected by Moss Motors Ltd. to redesign its website and provide a full range of Web 2.0 technology, and managed services to support the site.

While best known as the oldest and largest auto parts and accessories retailer for vintage British automobiles, Moss Motors also carries parts and accessories for the Ford F-150, Mini Cooper, and Mini Cooper Classic. Moss Motors even manufactures parts no longer in production for vintage vehicles supported by its catalog, such as the Ford Mustang and Mazda Miata.

The complex nature of shopping for auto parts in a store-which begins with establishing the relationship between the desired part and the year and make of the vehicle, then consulting a two-dimensional schematic of the engine or auto body to identify the part, searching the parts catalog to gather part specifications, and checking an inventory list to locate the desired part on the shelf-is too cumbersome to transfer to the web.

Recognizing that online shoppers expect to find the product and information they want in as few clicks as possible, SysIQ is streamlining the navigation paths for Mossmotors.com so that all visitors, even expert web shoppers, can locate parts, accessories, and product information expediently.

“Without fast navigation paths, retailers have a static site that lacks appeal,” says Igor Gorin, CEO of SysIQ. “Online shoppers are developing more discriminating tastes when it comes to site design and navigation and the challenge for retailers is to design a site that engages consumers and leads to higher conversion rates.”

SysIQ is developing three-dimensional schematics of the automobiles supported by Moss Motors. The schematics will be stored in a virtual garage where shoppers can initiate a restoration project by entering the make and model year of their vehicle to locate the corresponding schematic.

Once the schematic is called up on screen, consumers can see all available parts and accessories and obtain product specifications by running their mouse over the part. Shoppers then enter the part number into the site search engine within the virtual garage and are transported to the page showing the part.

Schematics will be created using Ajax (asynchronous JavaScript + XML), a Web 2.0 programming language that allows data to be retrieved from the host server asynchronously in the background and shown on the existing page without interfering with the display and behavior of the page.

Shoppers can keep an ongoing record of their project by customizing the schematic of their vehicle to show what parts are still needed to finish the job. The schematic can be shared with friends.

SysIQ’s e-commerce platform equips Moss Motors with a full featured, easy-to-manage web store complete with order management and fulfillment for customers to easily place parts orders, obtain detailed up-to-date product and order information, and customer service. SysIQ will also provide consulting services to Moss Motors.

“Without good site design and supporting services, such as hosting and site administration, merchant’s end up with web stores that are static and lack consumer appeal,” says Gorin. “Site design is more than simply matching fonts and colors to a company logo. Shoppers must be able to locate products they want easily and intuitively. Every aspect of our site design has this axiom as its guiding star.”

About MossMotors.com

Founded in 1948, Moss Motors is primarily known for its activity in the British restoration market and is the world`s oldest and largest supplier of these parts. MossMotors.com offers part catalogs for Austin Healy, MG, Jaquar, Triumph and other British automobiles.

About SysIQ

SysIQ has more than 10 years experience partnering with clients to grow their online business, creating customer-centric experiences, deploying leading on-demand technologies, and securely managing operating systems, databases, applications and hardware with 99.99% uptime guaranteed. As a leading e-commerce solutions provider for multi-channel and mail-order retailers SysIQ is committed to developing long-term value and ROI for its clients. SysIQ is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Clients include Action Village, Noble Sales, SamAsh, and The Smithsonian Institution.

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