Liveclicker Releases Industry`s First HTML5 Player Supporting Interactive Video Commerce

Katie Evans

Leading online retailers and top global brands that take advantage of the Liveclicker HTML5 player deliver interactive video to iPhones and advanced web browsers while future-proofing investments in online video.

SAN JOSE, CA – March 19, 2010 – Liveclicker, Inc. (www.liveclicker.com), the leading provider of video commerce solutions for the web’s top brands, today announced the release of the e-commerce industry’s first HTML5 interactive e-commerce video player. The Liveclicker HTML5 player enables advanced interactive video shopping in HTML5 compatible web browsers and mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and upcoming Apple iPad.

“HTML5 is an emerging standard for web video with potential to gain significant market share over the coming years,” says Justin Foster, VP Market Development for Liveclicker. “By developing the industry’s first HTML5 video shopping experience while still fully supporting Adobe’s Flash video standard, Liveclicker becomes the only video platform on the market capable of helping e-commerce sites future-proof their businesses against uncertain technological developments.”

Peter Leech, CMO at web retailer Onlineshoes.com, concurs. “By partnering with Liveclicker, we are now confident in our ability to support web video on platforms like the iPhone and iPad, neither of which support Flash.”

Onlineshoes.com is among the Liveclicker clients that will benefit immediately from the new interactive HTML5 player technology. Costco Wholesale, Bed Bath & Beyond, eBags, OnlineShoes.com, Crate & Barrel, and drugstore.com are among the sites that will deploy Liveclicker’sHTML5 video technology without making any changes to existing site infrastructure or writing new custom code.

“Liveclicker is committed to remaining at the forefront of e-commerce video optimization, customizable interactive video shopping experiences, and intelligent e-commerce video distribution,” says Foster. “This innovation is only the latest in a series of industry firsts brought to market by Liveclicker. We are looking forward to a strong 2010 and thank our clients for their overwhelming support to date.”


Liveclicker is a technology startup focused on enabling advanced video commerce applications. In partnership with leading platform providers and e-commerce sites, Liveclicker is building a comprehensive solution for enabling, managing and profiting from video commerce across online marketing channels. For more information, please visit www.liveclicker.com.

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