Made-in-China.com, a Rising Global B2B E-Commerce Platform, Surpasses Three Million Members and Twelve Million Products for...

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Number Two Online B2B Trading Company in China Expands Business by Increasing Membership Base of Chinese Suppliers and American and European Buyers

Nanjing: Made-in-China.com, the number two Chinese business-to-business online trading platform, has recently reached major milestones by surpassing its three millionth customer and twelve millionth product. These metrics indicate massive growth for the global e-commerce company, as membership has grown from just over one million in 2006 to more than three million today.

Made-in-China.com provides online product sourcing and trading services for both suppliers and buyers across 200 countries worldwide. The service also provides independent third-party auditing, offering additional quality assurance that products are safe and well-made.

Its membership is comprised of both Chinese suppliers who sell their products through Made-in-China.com’s virtual stores and American and European buyers who buy these products through digital transactions.

“Surpassing three million members is a critical milestone for us,” said Joseph Wong, Vice President of Made-in-China.com. “Our increased buyer membership drives the demand for more suppliers offering diverse products, in turn increasing our competitiveness in the online B2B trading market and expanding our business to cover more sectors and specialty products.”

In addition to the membership milestone, Made-in-China.com recently exceeded twelve million products for trade through virtual stores and virtual tradeshows. Suppliers cover a vast range of products, from electronics, consumer electronics, and light industrial goods, to construction equipment and automobiles. The increased product offerings provides more product choices for buyers and helps to facilitate online trading as an alternative to traditional tradeshows.

Made-in-China.com was developed and is operated by Focus Technology Co, Ltd., a Chinese company recently listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Focus Technology is a pioneer and leader in the field of electronic business in China. Founded in 1996 with the mission of enabling clients to decrease costs and increase sales and profits with effective Web-based solutions, Focus Technology has helped many Chinese small-and-medium-sized enterprises compete in international trade, advance into new markets, and meet the needs of their clients. Made-in-China.com enables American and European companies to do the same-compete in the global marketplace, gain access to competitively priced products that meet their businesses’ needs, and take advantage of a range of buyer services that increase the ease of global trade.

For more information, please visit www.Made-in-China.com

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