FetchBack introduces Co-Branding Interface to Retargeting Platform

Zak Stambor

Agencies and Resellers now provide analytics and transparency to clients

Phoenix (January 27, 2010) Today FetchBack announced the launch of a Co-Branded portal for its FIDO analytics platform. This innovation is the first of its kind for a retargeting provider, and was created in order to better support Agencies that offer FetchBack’s services to their clients. The result is a web-based, agency-branded portal that clients can log-in to at any time and access real time analytics for their retargeting campaigns.

“A prevailing concern that marketers have is how to quantify their marketing spend,” says Chad Little, FetchBack President and CEO. “As one of the most effective forms of online advertising, retargeting is a tool that more and more marketers are utilizing. As such, more agencies and SEM firms work with FetchBack to bring our retargeting solutions to their client base. Until now, our agency partners have not had a branded portal for their clients to access, so their clients have not had access to our advanced retargeting analytics. This Co-Brand innovation is definitely a valuable asset for our partners.”

When clients log into FetchBack’s Co-Branded portal, they are able to access dozens of the most in-depth, retargeting specific analytics available in the industry. These analytics include information such as how many prospects are returning to a site after viewing a retargeted ad, the time (in hours or days) that return visit took to occur, how many ads it takes a consumer to view before they purchase, which display ads drive the most conversions, as well customer response rate to a loyalty campaign. The actionable information provided in these analytics gives a better understanding of retargeted behavior as well as how an advertiser can optimize their retargeting campaign to increase ROI.

FetchBack (www.FetchBack.com) is the Retargeting Company. On average, 98% of a Web site’s visitors leave without converting. FetchBack ‘fetches’ them back to that site via the industry’s most advanced Retargeting platform. FetchBack is the only company that provides Retargeting analytics, enabling Advertisers to see deeper into their campaigns than ever before. FetchBack Retargeting is easy to implement, and maximizes the conversions that Retargeting has to offer.


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