Magellans.com Signs Three Year Agreement with Warp 9

Zak Stambor

SEO Revenue now accounts for 25% of Total Revenue

November 18, 2009 -- Santa Barbara, CA -- Warp 9, Inc. (OTCBB: WNYN), the premier provider of robust e-commerce platforms and services, today announces that Magellan`s Travel Supplies has signed a three year agreement with Warp 9 for the fully hosted and managed Warp 9 Internet Commerce System ("ICS") Enterprise Platform.

Magellan`s not only renewed their relationship with Warp 9, but also implemented a number of new features to their site including: Suggestive Search, Directed Search, Abandoned Cart E-Mail Retrieval - as well as revamping their overall site design.

Mark Gallo, Magellan`s CEO stated, "We took the last year to survey the e-commerce landscape and evaluate viable e-commerce solutions. Our evaluation confirmed that Warp 9 has provided us with an excellent platform and new innovative ideas to help grow our on-line business. In our search, we did not find a better fit either feature-wise or on a cost-basis. Additionally, natural search engine results [SEO] is a major focus for Magellans.com and we have been thrilled with the results on the Warp 9 platform. Since 2004, SEO contribution of total sales has increased over 250% and now represents over one quarter of all website sales. Perhaps most important is that Warp 9 has demonstrated great flexibility in both willingness and ability to meet our e-commerce needs."

Harinder Dhillon, CEO of Warp 9, commented "We are excited to be working with the Magellan`s team for another three years. What makes this particularly exciting is that Magellan`s has elected to participate in some new product initiatives, including a mobile commerce platform and exploration in the mobile application space. We look forward to working with Mark and his team on these projects along with further website enhancements."

To learn more about Warp 9`s E-Commerce platform and how it can help your organization, please visit www.warp9inc.com.

Warp 9 powers some of the most successful e-commerce websites for retailers such as www.magellans.com, Craft Supplies USA flagship site www.woodturnerscatalog.com, Lehman`s www.lehmans.com, and Spiegel Brands` www.shapefx.com.

About Warp 9

Warp 9, Inc. (www.warp9inc.com) is the premier provider of enterprise-class e-commerce platforms and services to mid-sized businesses in the catalog and retail industry. With a proven track record and years of experience in the industry, Warp 9’s comprehensive and scalable suite of software platforms and technologies for online catalogs, e-mail marketing, and interactive visual merchandising help businesses leverage the Internet to increase sales. Offered on a fully managed Software-as-a-Service model, Warp 9 products deliver unique benefits to its customers by reducing total cost of ownership, lowering upfront cost, providing faster time to market and being a one-stop-shop for all things e-commerce. Known for its outstanding customer service, Warp 9 powers some of the most successful e-commerce sites for companies like Magellan`s and Spiegel.

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