Digital College Network Announces Expanded College Football Tailgate Tour

Katie Evans

Atlanta, GA (Oct. 22, 2009) – The Digital College Network, the nation’s largest digital network on college campuses, announced today that it is are expanding the successful 2009 DCN Rockin’ Tailgate Tour to include games in the Pac-10, Big XII and Big Ten conferences in addition to the SEC games on the schedule. A complete schedule of games is attached.

DCN installs high-impact LCD screens in college and university bookstores across the country and features relationships with Follett Higher Education Group, the National Association of College Stores and Nebraska Book Company. The web-based network features all original content on the in-store network and on the student-oriented web site: www.DCNLive.com.

“We received such an overwhelmingly positive response to our tailgate tour that we decided to expand it so that campuses and students across the country could experience the excitement and fun the DCN team brings to a campus the week of big rivalry games and on game day. It is a pleasure to announce the expansion of the tour today,” said Chris Esposito, president and CEO of DCN.

Not only does DCN bring professional film crews to the pre-game and game day activities, but also a professional comedian, up and coming star Watt Smith. DCN encourages students to upload their own video clips of local traditions and activities on their campus. Activities include: a RingORang College Trivia game, Singing School Fight Songs, Tailgate Comedy and free prizes including pizza and T-shirts for participating students. One video clip shot early in the season at a University of Georgia game was featured on ESPN, BBC and “Anderson Cooper 360.”

There is more information about the Tailgate Tour at www.DCNLive.com and video clips from each tour stop will be featured on the web site shortly after each game. Highlights from each weekend of activities will be featured on the in-store screens.

For more information contact:

Suzanne Dent, Director of Marketing, Digital College Network


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