RoyalDiscount.com debuts a rewards program with its redesigned site

Computer software retailer RoyalDiscount.com has launched a redesigned site that added a wish list and improved order tracking and history features.

Bill Briggs

Computer software retailer RoyalDiscount.com has launched a redesigned site that features a new rewards program for customers as well as a wish list, improved order tracking and checkout. This was the first redesign since the company launched the site in 2005.

“First off, we knew we wanted to give it a modern look and feel so we started with a color scheme and we wanted to do something that was more horizontal than vertical,” says Mark Van Iwaarden, director of marketing at RoyalDiscount.com, No. 353 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

While the creative direction was decided in-house, RoyalDiscount.com worked with technology provider BX.com to execute changes. On an updated platform, RoyalDiscount.com can now offer a new rewards program that gives shoppers points for all purchases on its site. Customers can exchange points for items such as digital cameras, GPS navigation devices and iPods. For example, a $100 purchase would yield 20 points and with 1,399 points customers could receive an iPod nano audio player. Since the launch on Sept. 23, 1,416 customers have registered for the program, the company says.

“We hope that it will increase our sales and specifically increase sales with current customers,” says Van Iwaarden. “People are shopping around so much more and we wanted to give them a reason to come to us.”

Additional functions on the new site include discount codes which Van Iwaarden says will be a good tool for marketing efforts.


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