Monetate Chosen to Segment, Target, and Personalize the Karmaloop.com Site Experience

Katie Evans

To provide web site visitors with an even more personal, relevant, and compelling site experience, Karmaloop selects Monetate personalization platform

Philadelphia, PA / September 23, 2009 -- Advanced web site marketing tools like personalization and behavioral targeting are one way that retailers are meeting and beating the challenge of today`s tough economy. One supplier of such tools, Philadelphia-based Monetate, Inc. today announced that Karmaloop, an online streetwear clothing retailer, has implemented the Monetate platform to optimize the shopping experience for online customers shopping Karmaloop.com.

"We are delighted to have this opportunity to contribute to the continued growth and success of Karmaloop`s retail strategy," said David Brussin, Monetate`s co-founder and CEO, speaking from the Shop.org Annual Summit in Las Vegas. Boston-based Karmaloop will be using Monetate to present Karmaloop.com visitors with personalized messaging that reflect such targeting dimensions as brand preferences, location, and prior purchasing and browsing activity.

"We wanted to keep our customers aware of the latest products and promotions, but also wanted to ensure relevancy throughout the site experience," said Anand Shah, chief of operations, Karmaloop. "Monetate provides the unique capability to target our shoppers by leveraging multiple sources of consumer insight--prior purchases, brand preferences, current browsing behavior, location, even local weather. As a result, we can deliver content that is truly relevant to each individual consumer to encourage additional purchases."

According to David Bookspan, Monetate`s co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, "Leading edge multichannel retailers like Karmaloop are discovering that, by using Monetate, they can deploy personalized messaging and promotions on their sites within a matter of days, with no need for costly I.T. projects or back-end coding." Added Brussin: "Our full service approach means customers like Karmaloop need to invest very little time on their Monetate campaigns while achieving very prompt and significant returns on their investment."

About Karmaloop

Karmaloop.com is an independently owned online retailer that specializes in reaching the international streetwear/Verge culture fashion and lifestyle community. Since its creation in 2000 by streetwear enthusiast Greg Selkoe, the site has evolved from a one-man-show into an online powerhouse with millions of monthly unique visitors from around the world. Karmaloop.com is more than just an online store; it’s a hub for a community of global hipsters, influencers and alphaconsumers--the discerning consumer group with distinct taste and a connoisseur-like approach to fashion and style; a group that has tremendous power to influence its peers and greater pop culture. Karmaloop.com retails over 150 of the world’s hottest streetwear brands to young fashion influencers in over 35 countries. In November 2007, Karmaloop added to its repertoire by launching its popular and innovative lifestyle and culture online video site, KarmaloopTV.

About: Monetate, Inc.

Monetate, Inc. helps web site owners figure out who is visiting their pages and delivers content personalized for each visitor. Monetate`s technology tracks and segments visitors across more than 50 dimensions and Monetate`s Personalization Managers analyze site performance to craft personalized messaging and promotional campaigns delivered by the Monetate platform. All of this is done with zero I.T. impact. Retailers just add the Monetate tag to their online store and they are ready to give each visitor a personal, relevant and compelling online shopping experience. Monetate`s customers include some of the largest and most influential brands in online retailing.

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