JJ Buckley Offers Paysecure for Internet Pin Debit

Paul Demery

Major online wine seller latest merchant to add PaySecure to its payment options

Atlanta, GA, September 9, 2009 – Acculynk announced today that JJ Buckley Fine Wines, a premier provider of high quality wines, has enabled PaySecureTM on its Ecommerce website. PaySecure allows JJ Buckley customers to pay with their debit card and PIN right at the merchant checkout, adding an extra layer of security and convenience to their online transaction.

“PaySecure makes sense for us because we have a good volume of debit transactions on our website, and this payment method gives our customers another choice of how they use their debit card,” said Michael Stajer, CEO and co-founder of WineCommune, the parent company of JJ Buckley. “With PaySecure, we benefit from the lower price point of Internet PIN debit plus we expect it will bring new transactions from customers who prefer to pay with PaySecure.”

PaySecure’s graphical PIN-pad appears at the merchant checkout when it is determined that a consumer’s debit card can be used with a PIN and is in Acculynk’s network of participating issuers. Consumers are given the choice to enter their PIN on the PaySecure PIN-pad or run the transaction as signature debit. If they choose to use PaySecure, they enter each digit of their PIN using their mouse, hit “Submit PIN” and receive payment confirmation from the merchant.

“PaySecure provides a seamless payment experience using a debit card that the consumer already has and a PIN only they know – and it brings merchants a pre-enrolled base of consumers ready to shop,” said Ashish Bahl, CEO of Acculynk. “JJ Buckley is an incredibly unique merchant with a great value proposition to online shoppers, and we are pleased that out of all of the available alternatives on the market today, they have chosen to offer PaySecure.”

PaySecure is the first software-only service in the U.S. that provides consumers the option to pay for online purchases with PIN debit. JJ Buckley is a Top 500 Internet Retailer and joins a growing list of merchants that have adopted PaySecure, including AirTran, ShoppersChoice.com, 2Checkout.com and Ace Hardware Outlet. Acculynk recently released data on consumer usage of PaySecure in a white paper entitled “PaySecure: Tracking to Become a Leading Online Payment Method.” The white paper is available for download at http://acculynk.com/.

About JJ Buckley

JJ Buckley Wines was founded as the retail arm of WineCommune, LLC. Since 1999, it has been helping wine lovers find the best wines at excellent prices. JJ Buckley uses the Internet and today’s technology to streamline the entire wine retail process - from interacting with distributors to fulfilling orders. For more information, visit http://www.jjbuckley.com/.

About Acculynk

Acculynk is a leading technology provider with a suite of software-only services that secure online transactions. Backed by a powerful encryption and authentication framework protected by a family of issued and pending patents, Acculynk’s services provide greater security, reliability, convenience and return on investment for consumers, merchants, networks, issuers and acquirers. For more information, visit Hhttp://acculynk.com/.

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