US Global Mail Releases New Website and Launches Expatriate USA Program

Katie Evans

US Global Mail releases its new website and unveils Expatriate USA program - leading e-commerce fulfillment company to provide one-stop shopping for US expats

HOUSTON, July 29, 2009 -- US Global Mail Inc. (http://www.usglobalmail.com) has announced it has released its new state-of-the-art website and launched its Expatriate USA program.

The new website further enhances US Global Mail as a leading international e-commerce fulfillment company. US Global Mail`s distribution network allows overseas consumers around the world to shop online in the United States and take advantage of package consolidation for shipping savings.

"The new website features our much-researched Expatriate USA program, which is an expat portal allowing US expatriates all the necessary tools to adjust to a new life outside the United States. It enables the expat customer to utilize our website to learn the culture of their new environment before and during their overseas commitment. We have received tremendous feedback for this program from the relocation and expat community; US Global Mail allows the customer to stay on our website for all of their expatriate requirements," said Barry Wisnevitz, Founder of US Global Mail.

About US Global Mail:

US Global Mail (http://www.usglobalmail.com) is a leading mail and package-forwarding company in the United States offering service to consumers around the world. US Global Mail utilizes the widest selection of shipping methods in the industry and offers the customer a real-time shipping experience. US Global Mail`s state-of-the-art rate calculator provides real-time shipping rates for the leading shipping companies for various weights and sizes.


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