Monsoon, Inc. Now Supports Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon Program

Katie Evans

Portland, Ore. – July 10, 2009 – Monsoon, Inc., a Portland, Oregon-based online selling solutions company that provides innovative solutions to help merchants sell on online marketplaces, now offers a fully integrated software solution supporting Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. FBA is a service that allows sellers to store their inventory at Amazon’s warehouse, where it will be professionally picked, packed, and shipped to the buyer, regardless of whether the order originates on Amazon.com, a seller’s own web site, or even on competing marketplace sites.

"We’re thrilled to offer fully integrated support of FBA,” said Kanth Gopalpur, chief executive officer of Monsoon. “This is a fantastic opportunity for all online retailers to reduce overhead and increase efficiencies. Before FBA, running a successful marketplace sales operation required significant time and cost associated with space, utilities, and additional warehouse staffing. Now, with Monsoon and FBA, marketplace sellers can reinvest their valuable time and money into sourcing more inventory and better marketing their online business, while Monsoon’s FBA solution remotely handles their inventory management across multiple marketplaces.”

Monsoon has been serving Amazon sellers since the market’s inception, offering ground-breaking solutions to help sellers take advantage of Amazon’s rapidly growing and increasingly attractive market. Monsoon’s FBA solution prepares a seller’s inventory for shipment to Amazon, where, once it is received, it can be remotely managed via Monsoon. With FBA, sellers experience significant savings, virtually eliminating the overhead costs associated with a brick-and-mortar fulfillment center. In addition, sellers participating in Amazon’s FBA program make their inventory eligible for free shipping programs such as Amazon Prime, a subscription service that offers shoppers free two-day shipping and $2.99 next-day shipping for purchases made on the Amazon.com web site, thus increasing sell-through rates. Monsoon also allows users to price their FBA inventory dynamically and in real time, giving users a significant advantage over competing sellers. Monsoon’s FBA solution, combined with its dynamic pricing engine, helps merchants sell more products in a more cost-efficient manner, positively impacting their bottom line.

“The cost savings and increased conversion potential of FBA are tremendous opportunities for our customers,” said Gopalpur. “We have tested our FBA solution on a handful of beta users for the past six months, and the results speak for themselves. Even in this difficult economic landscape, all of our FBA beta testers have increased sales and decreased their operating costs.”

To learn more about this innovative solution, please contact Monsoon at info@monsoonworks.com.

About Monsoon

Monsoon provides a powerful, scalable online marketplace selling solution that addresses the needs of every type of seller, from the sole proprietor, to the pure online merchant, to “brick-and-mortar” retailers of all sizes. Serving customers worldwide, the company offers end-to-end solutions for the management, processing, pricing, and reporting of successful online selling. Monsoon improves a seller’s bottom line and profit margins by streamlining the online selling experience through process improvement and best practices. The company currently works with customers in the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit www.monsoonworks.com.

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