Fujitsu Introduces RetailReady Program for Retail ISVs

Katie Evans

Program Gives Software Vendors Opportunity to Optimize Their Solutions on Fujitsu Hardware

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – June 24, 2009 – Fujitsu America today announced its RetailReady(TM) program for the retail industry, providing benefits for independent software vendors (ISVs) that validate their applications with retail hardware from Fujitsu.

After becoming Fujitsu RetailReady, ISVs can market their solutions as compatible with Fujitsu retail hardware like the recently announced TeamPoS(R) 3600 point-of-sale (POS) system. The partnership also exposes the ISV’s brand and solutions to potential Fujitsu clients, and offers unique, unparalleled access to Fujitsu product marketing and technical information through a secure partner Web portal. Each RetailReady partner will also receive a Fujitsu POS unit for customer demonstrations.

“ISVs are very important to the continued success of Fujitsu, and as part of our larger channel initiatives, we want to introduce programs that enable ISV growth when partnered with Fujitsu,” said Bill Buie, senior vice president, channel, alliance and partner sales at Fujitsu America. “Retailers know that these ISVs have successfully qualified their solutions against Fujitsu compatibility checklists, and will therefore have more confidence in purchasing a RetailReady solution. This program will not only broaden the scope of software offerings for our hardware, but it will help boost our RetailReady partners’ sales as well.”

Additional RetailReady program benefits for ISVs include:

The Fujitsu TeamPoS 3600 family of point-of-sale (POS) units is designed to give retailers a scalable hardware system that offers an optimal price-performance fit. The product family can be custom-configured to meet a retailer’s cost and performance needs, allowing retailers to select from a wide range of Intel(R) processor and memory options, as well as various input/output modules.

RetailReady Partners

Three ISVs have already joined the Fujitsu RetailReady program, including:

“Retailers around the world know that Fujitsu develops high-quality retail solutions. The RetailReady program will further enhance the Fujitsu solution set, and provide mutual benefits for Fujitsu, ISVs, retailers, and ultimately, consumers,” said Mike Bishop, director, business development at Retail Pro. “The new TeamPoS 3600 series gives us a superior platform from which we can continue expanding our domestic and international retail programs.”

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