Krillion’s One-Stop Product Locator Expands to Include Local and Online Retailers

Katie Evans

Consumer product manufacturers can move online shoppers closer to purchase by providing multi-channel, where-to-buy information, with real-time availability information for the products they want to buy

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-June 26, 2009-Krillion™ (www.krillion.com), the company that connects online shoppers with local, in-stock product, has added product availability at leading online retailers to its category-leading product locator platform. Through a partnership with Shopping.com (an eBay company NASDAQ: EBAY), the new Krillion 360 Product Locator™ enables manufacturers and web publishers to connect ready-to-buy shoppers with the products they are looking for - at all the local and online retailers that carry them.

Until now, online shoppers deciding where to buy a particular product have had to visit different websites, or different pages on a website, in order to locate that product in their neighborhood or through an online-only retailer. In the case of manufacturer websites, which are often the preferred consumer destination for product research and comparison, directing shoppers visiting a website to exactly where they can buy a specific product is an ongoing challenge - especially using a standard, static dealer locator. Online retailers that carry the product may be listed on one page, but often without current pricing information. Meanwhile, listings of national chain stores and local dealers are often found on a different page, minus pricing or availability information.

Consumers are becoming sophisticated in how they use online shopping resources, and this is placing pressure on consumer product manufacturers to address shoppers’ high expectations of their websites. Savvy cross-channel shoppers don’t think in terms of ‘buy online or buy offline.’ They consider how quickly they need the product, how much they want to spend, and whether the website they’re using is focused on making this purchase as smooth and convenient as possible.

“For consumers, this patchwork quilt of product pricing and availability makes no sense,” said Joel Toledano, CEO and co-founder of Krillion, which has pioneered the process of connecting online shoppers with in-stock product. “Shoppers want a comprehensive view of where they can purchase that product right now, and to compare availability and price at both online stores and local retailers. The Krillion 360 Product Locator gives shoppers what they want, and gives manufacturers increased opportunities to drive sales to their multi-channel and online retail partners.”

The Krillion 360 Product Locator™ can be embedded easily into any website that aims to connect shoppers with up-to-date inventory and where-to-buy product information, and can be tailored to create a smooth visual transition from the product page to the buy button. Manufacturers are now able to better integrate all of the online stores from their retailers, creating more selling opportunities, more continuity for customers and strengthening sales through their channel partners.

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