Ezic`s Multiple Merchant Account Tools Increase Profitability

Katie Evans

May 2009 (Chicago, Illinois) Ezic, Inc., a leader in high-performance digital payment processing, provides advanced solutions for Internet merchants that require gateway support for multiple merchant bank accounts. Merchants selling various products or services rely on multiple merchant bank accounts to avoid expensive surcharges, downgrades, and higher interchange rates. Since each type of merchant bank account has different guidelines and rates, processing transactions through the appropriate account type is essential to keep costs low.

Ezic`s Multiple Merchant Account Matrix supports an unlimited number of merchant bank accounts that can be organized to work cooperatively under one Gateway account in the Ezic system. Transaction traffic is automatically directed to accounts that can be prioritized by transaction type, card issuer, load ratio, or website.

"This toolset was specifically developed to accommodate the needs of complex, high-volume Internet merchants," says Locke Walsh, Ezic`s CEO. "It allows them to take advantage of the best authorization rates, reduce chargebacks, simplify accounting procedures, increase efficiency, and prevent loss of sales."

Merchants using multiple merchant bank accounts depend on Ezic`s Cascading and Fallback Processor tools to effectively collect sales and avoid losses. In the event of a "decline", "exception", or downtime message from the primary merchant bank account, the Ezic system will automatically default to the next eligible merchant bank account in line. Cascades can be set up in any order and applied to only sales, recurring transactions or both.

In addition to cascades, the Multiple Merchant Account Matrix includes Load Balancing capabilities. Merchants can balance dollar volume across numerous merchant bank accounts, enabling them to easily maintain processing limits and efficiently manage transaction flow.

Ezic`s Multiple Merchant Account Matrix includes several other sophisticated and cost-effective features. For additional information on how your business can benefit from using this solution, please call 866.575.EZIC or visit www.ezic.com.

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Ezic, Inc. has been the leader in high-performance digital payment solutions since 1999, and is the largest private-label gateway provider in the industry. Our payment processing platform offers Resellers and merchants superior convenience, upscale features, continuous market-driven advanced product development, and complete multi-level security against fraud for all Internet-based transactions.

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