pcRUSH.com preps for holiday traffic peaks with new content accelerator

The computer products retailer’s new dynamic site acceleration service keeps delivery speed of non-cacheable content on a par with static content delivery.

Paul Demery

Between gift-giving and year-end budget spending among its government and business customers, the holiday season brings 25% to 30% more traffic to computer retailer pcRUSH.com. This year, it’s preparing for peak load time during the approaching season with a switch from its previous content delivery network vendor to Cotendo Inc.’s recently released Dynamic Site Acceleration service, the retailer says.

Moving to Cotendo’s platform, which includes a full suite of content delivery applications, has given pcRUSH.com access to functionality it didn’t have previously, including control of content in real time, according to Michael Dy, the retailer’s information technology manager. “We’re able to monitor and respond to activity in real time, which helps us support peak activity levels. Our page response has improved, which creates a better customer experience and helps us convert web search to revenue,” he says.

The service controls delivery of dynamic, non-cacheable content-which does not exist in preformatted form until a site visitor requests it-from the same management interface that ensures speedy delivery of static, or cached content. To achieve targeted performance levels, Cotendo uses a network of geographically spread content servers and optimized software. As a result, the retailer says, it’s able to provide immediate response to customer requests for different types of content across the site, even at the highest traffic periods such as the holidays and special promotions.

Dy adds that the switch to the Cotendo’s content delivery network already has largely eliminated peaks and valleys in page loading time and availability, producing a faster and more consistent level of site performance in day to day operations-a fact that is giving the retailer confidence about site performance during the anticipated heavier traffic in months ahead.

PcRush.com is No. 284 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.


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