AutoAnything Selects Selects Breach WebDefend for Managed Web Application Security Solution from Security On-Demand

Katie Evans

AutoAnything Selects Selects Breach WebDefend for Managed Web Application Security Solution from Security On-Demand Major Online Automotive Accessory Retailer selects Breach WebDefend for PCI Compliance, Proactive Security Monitoring and Brand Protection

CARLSBAD, Calif., April 6, 2009 - Breach Security, Inc., the leader in web application integrity, security and PCI compliance, today announced that AutoAnything – one of America’s largest and fastest growing online retailer’s of specialized automotive accessories – has selected the WebDefend managed web application security solution from Security On-Demand.

Engineered by Breach Security and proactively managed and monitored by Security On-Demand, the WebDefend solution provides AutoAnything with immediate PCI compliance. The online retailer was designated as a Level Two merchant by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), and wanted additional security protection against threats such as credit card theft. In addition to protecting their customer’s sensitive data, AutoAnything is always seeking to protect, improve, and enhance its customers’ online experience.

“AutoAnything had several options to meet its PCI compliance requirement, including code reviews, but chose the WebDefend managed solution from Security On-Demand to increase our security protection,” said Parag Patel, chief technology officer for AutoAnything. “By outsourcing to a managed security provider, AutoAnything is benefiting from the comprehensive protection and functionality afforded by Breach’s WebDefend and the expertise from Security On-Demand.”

A majority of AutoAnything’s business is conducted online. As such, the company was impressed with WebDefend’s ability to be deployed out of line, which enables AutoAnything to continue running at high speeds without the concern that the web application firewall may affect the company’s environment.

Breach’s Web Application Firewall technology is an essential component of Security On-Demand’s fully integrated managed PCI compliance solution and is designed to address the cost constraints that many companies face in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance. “By utilizing a ’security-as-a-service’ delivery model, clients such as AutoAnything benefit from rapid deployment, quick time to value and significantly lower ownership costs,” said Peter Bybee, CEO for Security On-Demand. WebDefend’s patent-pending adaptation profiling system proved to be a critical component in AutoAnything’s decision to select the solution. The profiling system automatically builds a customized, positive security model for each protected application to understand its acceptable behavior. The system maps all levels of application behavior, so there is no need for detailed knowledge or secure coding. For example, as AutoAnything’s application is updated, WebDefend automatically detects the changes, learns them and adjusts the profile.

“As a business-to-consumer organization, AutoAnything’s brand and customer experience is critical to the company’s ongoing success,” said Sanjay Mehta, senior vice president at Breach Security. “WebDefend protects both by ensuring that transactions are secure and application defects are remediated quickly and effectively.”


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