Web site performance monitor Gomez posts a 44% rise in revenue in 2008

The privately held company says today that its revenue grew from $32.6 million in 2007 to $47 million last year. The company attracted 400 new clients, including retailers Crate & Barrel and Neiman Marcus.

Katie Evans

Gomez Inc., which monitors the performance of web sites, reported today a 44% increase in 2008 revenue from $32.6 million to $47 million.

The privately held company says it added 400 clients last year, bringing its customer count to over 2,500. New clients include such retailers as Crate and Barrel, No. 52 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Neiman Marcus (No. 37), RealNetworks (No. 89), Saks Fifth Avenue (No. 46), Shutterfly (No. 76) and Zazzle (No. 211). Retailers in the Internet Retailer Top 500 named Gomez most often among vendors of web performance monitoring services, with 99 retailers mentioning Gomez in the most recent completed survey.

During 2008, Gomez says it doubled the number of end-user test points to 80,000 computers in 162 countries. The company also introduced an executive dashboard that correlates web performance with key business metrics and added a new service that monitors the performance of streaming media.

“In addition to growth in our customer base and revenues, generating cash flow from operations this past year further reinforced Gomez’s strong financial position, and enabled product development and network infrastructure investments,” said Richard Darer, chief financial officer at Gomez. The company did not report any other financial details.


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