Angel’s voice enables contact center agents to speak to CRM system

Angel.com and SugarCRM introduce interactive voice technology that allows users to access, update and manage accounts in a customer relationship management system via phones.

Paul Demery

Angel.com, a vendor of on-demand call center and interactive voice response technology, and SugarCRM, a customer relationship management system provider, are enabling users of the SugarCRM system to manage the system by phone.

With the new SugarCRM Connector, Angel.com enables users, such as contact center agents, to access, update and manage accounts and contacts anywhere and anytime using voice commands over a phone. Users can record details from a recently completed call, set a follow-up task or dial a contact by voice. Angel.com’s speech-to-text functionality also allows SugarCRM users to send e-mails by instantly transcribing and sending a spoken message as text.

Numerous contact center and customer support tools also are built in to the SugarCRM Connector. Contact center agents, for example, can retrieve data about callers in real time, allowing them to service each caller differently depending on the context of their call, says Michael Zirngibl, president of Angel.com.

“In this economy, customer demands must be met whenever and wherever they occur,” Zirngibl says. “By converging web, voice and data into a single, on-demand solution, Angel.com’s SugarCRM Connector provides users with the instant access to information and analysis needed to make intelligent sales, customer support and marketing decisions.”


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