New feature at Sortprice adds a bit of color to the shopping experience

Shopping engine Sortprice’s new Shop by Color tool reads image pixels and product descriptions to serve results.

Katie Evans

Consumers at shopping engine Sortpirce.com can now shop by color. Sortprice says it added the feature because consumer behavior hinted that shoppers wanted it.

Co-founder and CEO Doron Simovitch says the shop by color feature came out of Sortprice’s ongoing review of product queries which showed that many site visitors were using colors as search criteria.

Co-founder and chief technology officer Asaf Klibansky says the tool boosts the relevancy of search results on color queries with internally-built technology that not only reads the pixels in product images to determine the primary color, but also text scans product descriptions supplied by the merchant’s feed for information before returning query results.

The tool allows shoppers to scan by hue in a single category, or across all products. The company doesn’t yet have results for the new tool, live for about a month, or metrics such as conversion among shoppers who use the feature versus those who don’t.

Sortprice’s database has about 25 million products from more than 5,000 sellers in its database. The shopping engine’s subscription pricing model charges sellers a flat rate to feed any number of products into the database, rather than collecting a fee from the seller when a shopper clicks on one of the seller’s products in search results.


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