CDS Global reconnects direct marketers, customers with ReAddress, announces strategic partnership with CognitiveDATA, Inc.

Don Davis

DES MOINES, Iowa – February 25, 2009 – CDS Global, a strategic partner offering customer information and data management solutions to companies around the world, is pleased to announce a one-of-a-kind product that will help direct marketers reconnect with their customers: ReAddress.

ReAddress is an exciting new product that will target a direct marketer’s suspended or inactive customers who have requested and paid for merchandise but are unable to receive it because the address on file is undeliverable. With ReAddress, a CDS Global client will reactivate up to 20 percent of these customers by finding new or materially improved addresses, allowing them to fulfill merchandise requests, reduce acquisition needs and increase revenue.

Along with the unveiling of ReAddress, CDS Global is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with CognitiveDATA, Inc., a marketing technology company providing a knowledge-based matching system called IntelliDRESS®. This system contains over 197 million records, a 98 percent confidence factor and will power ReAddress. This exciting partnership will allow CDS Global to resell this one-of-a-kind product and reduce undeliverable mail to their clients’ customers.

“Partnering with CognitiveDATA, Inc. and developing ReAddress is another example of CDS Global’s commitment to providing value-added services to our customers,” says Rich Van Allen, account director for Enterprise Data Solutions at CDS Global. “We have been working with CognitiveDATA, Inc. to identify additional applications for their technology and feel that this product delivers value where no one has been able to in the past – identifying new addresses for undeliverable customers or past purchasers. ReAddress has proven value, most notably by increasing the number of customers available for retention efforts, decreasing acquisition expense and reducing waste.”

“This partnership is a perfect fit for us because our advanced data quality technology aligns seamlessly with the innovative customer reactivation product offerings CDS Global is bringing to market,” says Rod Ford, CEO of CognitiveDATA, Inc. “We have been working with CDS Global in the publishing industry for some time solving the suspended and inactive customer issue, and we look forward to deepening our relationship and expanding this valuable service into other direct marketing verticals.”

About CognitiveDATA, Inc.

CognitiveDATA, Inc. is a marketing technology company that was founded in 2001 and has created a new wave of response technology solutions that are increasing the direct marketing response rates for some of the most sophisticated direct marketers in the country. Recognizing that imperfect data exists in every business system, CognitiveDATA, Inc. built and continues to optimize its proprietary algorithms to “perfect” the data presented to standard customer data integration tools, resulting in much higher match rates while at the same time identifying consumers who are known to be responsive. The company has designed their technology to locate these consumers at their most responsive addresses, ensuring that the time direct marketers spend on creative and promotions isn`t being wasted by delivery to an unresponsive buyer at an inaccurate address. www.cognitivedata.com

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