Amadesa Releases the First User-controlled End-to-end Web Site Testing & Personalization Platform

Katie Evans

PHOENIX, February 23, 2009 – Amadesa (www.amadesa.com), the first company to deliver end-to-end Web site testing and personalization solutions to improve conversion activity, today at eTail West announced the official release of its user-controlled Amadesa Customer Experience Platform™. It is the first completely automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to provide a full suite of Web site testing and personalization products to drive revenue and reduce total cost of ownership.

“With this extension of Amadesa’s software platform, online marketers now have a single solution to optimize their entire Web site at their fingertips,” said Amadesa’s Chief Executive Officer, Rita Brogley. “From A/B testing to full content personalization and automated recommendations, Amadesa has consolidated multiple product lines into a next generation platform that increases speed to market and improves marketing ROI.”

The Amadesa Customer Experience Platform provides users with a unique interface that takes the complex site optimization domain and simplifies it. The platform allows users to optimize unlimited opportunities on their Web sites via powerful products and features that require little IT, including:

In addition, Amadesa’s proprietary “virtual layer” technology can be applied to shopping carts, forms, subscriptions and registrations to simultaneously test design, functionality and persuasion elements. This enables clients to know with certainty what customers respond best to, resulting in increased conversions.

Chicago.com (www.chicago.com), the city’s premier Web site, was one of the first clients to take advantage of the marketer-controlled Amadesa platform. “We jumped at the opportunity to be one of the first users of this powerful application,” said Josh Metnick, Chicago.com’s chief executive officer. “We’re dedicated to serving a diverse consumer base, be it first time visitors or long-time residents; so we understand how important it is to provide a world class customer experience.” In the company’s quest to improve performance, Chicago.com defined, set up and implemented an A/B test within one day of accessing the Amadesa Customer Experience Platform.

Smoothfitness (www.smoothfitness.com), the number one online retailer of home fitness equipment and one of Internet Retailer’s top 300 e-commerce sites, has also signed on to use the Amadesa Customer Experience Platform. Smooth Fitness continues to leverage Amadesa’s virtual layer technology to optimize the cart checkout experience, resulting in an aggregate conversion rate lift of 19.3 percent. “We are pleased with the checkout results to date, and anticipate the same as we expand our testing and personalization activities. No other company provides such a holistic approach to Web site optimization,” said Keith Menear, vice president of internet sales & marketing. “And now we have the ultimate control with little IT dependency, which affords us the dual benefits of speed and flexibility.”

About Amadesa:
Amadesa delivers a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, the Web site Testing and Personalization Platform, which analyzes behaviors to guide user choices and outcomes, increase revenues, and improve conversion rates. Amadesa’s products enhance users’ online experiences to drive engagement. Companies turn to Amadesa to test, automate, refine and optimize their Web sites’ content-delivery and personalization processes. Learn more at www.amadesa.com or follow Amadesa on Twitter at http://twitter.com/amadesa.


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