Clickable Integrates Emerging Google Ad Formats Into Newest Version Of Its Search-Advertising Management Solution

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Clickable`s Award-Winning Search Advertising Solution Introduces Bulk Keyword Editing Across Networks, Conversion Tracking And Improved Recommendation Engine

NEW YORK, Feb. 9, 2009 To be successful in search advertising, one must be bionic – able to achieve better results in less time, despite growing complexity, tedious analysis and fierce competition. To make advertisers bionic, Clickable today introduced the newest version of its flagship tool. With one of the world’s largest development teams dedicated to a pure-play search management product, Clickable Pro 2.0 makes search advertising simple, instant and profitable for small businesses, midsize enterprises and agencies.

A host of innovations come together in one intuitive, online interface to empower advertisers to manage search and pay-per-click performance across Google, Yahoo and MSN’s advertising networks. Driven by customer feedback, Clickable Pro 2.0 innovations include:

“Clickable is transforming search advertising for small to midsize advertisers and agencies on the principle of simplicity,” says David S. Kidder, co-founder and CEO of Clickable. “We’ll continue to rapidly release meaningful product iterations that cultivate best practices, save time and drive performance and profitability. In this down economy, our promise is to help advertisers’ drive better results in less time, and constantly improve.”

As always, Clickable is an advertiser’s trusted advisor, with world-class Customer Support and Community, including 24-hour customer support via live chat and phone. For marketers who need extra help getting started, Clickable Assist delivers tiered packages of managed services to ensure success.

Visit The Official Clickable Blog for a video tour of what’s new in Pro 2.0, as well as links to new features in our online product guide:


To start a free 15-day trial, visit www.clickable.com.

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Clickable is an online solution that makes search advertising simple, instant and profitable. Clickable’s immediate activation and intuitive user experience make it easy for marketers to manage performance across all major search-ad networks, including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft. Clickable’s powerful recommendations and reporting make marketers more efficient, effective and confident – even at the very first login. Visit www.Clickable.com.

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