WebTrends Lets HMV Know What’s In-Store With Online Kiosks

Don Davis

UK and Ireland’s largest multi-channel entertainment retail specialist looks to WebTrends for insight into in-store download and information kiosks

LONDON, Dec. 18, 2008 - Web optimization specialist WebTrends is today announcing a partnership with HMV to deliver insight and track user interaction with the retail giant`s in-store transactional and information point kiosks. The kiosks, launched on November 19th, are designed to bring the online experience in-store for HMV shoppers, providing access to rich content and information previously only available on the net.

The kiosks, which are a key element in HMV`s `next generation` new store format, will act as docking stations enabling customers to download music onto USB keys and flash-drives, and to search for product information - including viewing trailers for films and games, track listings, packs shots and stock availability in-store.

"This is an exciting project and represents a blurring of the lines between the on and offline shopping experiences," comments Nick Sharp, vice president and general manager of WebTrends EMEA. "We are working closely with HMV to inform development decisions by providing key insight into customers interactions with the kiosks, from which specific products users search for most frequently to the fundamentals such as the primary drivers behind kiosk usage."

A mixture of transactional, information-only and combined kiosks are now being trialled at HMV stores in Westfield, High Wycombe, Reading Oracle, Terminal 5 and Covent Garden. WebTrends will be reporting on the kiosks throughout Christmas before the rollout is continued in the New Year.

"Bringing the kind of rich content and information that would previously only have been available online, in-store is a key step forward in successfully adapting the offline shopping experience to modern consumer behaviour," says David Elston, ecommerce manager, HMV. "However having brought the online environment into stores, it was crucial to understand how people interacted with the kiosks, and web analytics plays a pivotal role in that process. When you`re working with the website it`s much easier to see what`s going on, but to have the same level of insight for the kiosks it would literally be a case of watching over people`s shoulders."

HMV worked closely with manufacturer Neo Products on the kiosks.

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