Visitors linger longer at top Internet retailers’ e-commerce sites

13 of the Top 15 e-retailers in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide enjoyed more time with their shoppers in August than they did a year earlier, says data from Internet research company Hitwise.

Bill Briggs

Shoppers stuck around longer at 13 of the 15 largest e-commerce sites in August 2008 than they did a year earlier, according to new data from research company Hitwise.

Visitors spent more time at Amazon.com, No. 1 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide, Staples.com (No. 2), OfficeDepot.com (No. 3), Dell.com (No. 4), HPShopping.com (No. 5), OfficeMax.com (No. 6), Apple.com (No. 7), Sears.com (No. 8), QVC.com (No. 11), BestBuy.com (No. 12), SonyStyle.com (No. 13), Walmart.com (No. 14) and JCP.com (No. 15).

Dell.com saw the biggest change among the top 15, gaining 1 minute and 58 seconds as shoppers and visitors grew from an average visit time of 10 minutes and 49 seconds in August 2007 to 12 minutes and 24 seconds in August 2008. Between CDW.com (No. 9) and Newegg.com (No. 10), the two Top 15 e-retailers whose average session times fell, CDW dropped the farthest from 6 minutes and 19 seconds in August 2007 to 6 minutes and 2 seconds in the same month of 2008. Newegg’s average session time was down 10 seconds to 14 minutes and 52 seconds.

The average session length for the 15 largest U.S. e-retailers climbed from 9 minutes and 8 seconds in 2007 to 10 minutes and 4 seconds in 2008.


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