ShipCompliant First to Address Wine Retailer Needs for Direct Shipping Compliance

Katie Evans

September 24, 2008, Boulder, CO – ShipCompliant, the leading wine shipping compliance software company, announced today that it has extended its compliance software solution to the growing retailer-to-consumer sales channel. Brick and mortar as well as online wine merchants can now utilize the software that more than 900 wine brands currently depend on to navigate and comply with complex state laws and regulations concerning retail-to-consumer sales.

ShipCompliant Offers Retailers Information, Automation and Cost Savings
Unlike wineries, for whom direct to consumer shipping rules have become more clear (if not more complicated to comply with) after the 2005 Granholm v. Heald decision, retailers still have little clarity on which states they can legally ship to, with only 15 states considered open by industry experts. Adding to the research burden, even with only 15 states, retailers have hundreds of state shipping and tax reports to complete per year in order to stay in compliance.

ShipCompliant`s up-to-the-minute sales tax rates at state, county and city levels, real-time order compliance checks against a state-of-the-art rules database, embedded age verification, and auto-populated shipping and tax reports save retailers time , money and risk.

As Retail to Consumer (RTC) Shipments Grow, So Does Compliance Burden
ShipCompliant believes the value of wine shipped from retailers to consumers has reached an estimated $150 million per year, and expects that to continue to grow steadily, even without considering growth in the number of available states or the entry of players like Amazon. As momentum builds and forces markets open, the volume of reports and information required to stay compliant with state regulations will only increase.

ShipCompliant to Empower the Retail Channel
"Shipping compliance is one of the biggest hurdles to the explosion of the online retail wine market. We have had retailers and ‘17/20’ wineries begging us for information and a solution so we`re thrilled to enable them to offload this burden and watch this channel take off even faster in the next few years," says Jason Eckenroth, CEO of ShipCompliant.

About ShipCompliant:
ShipCompliant is the leading compliance and fulfillment management software solution for wineries and wine retailers, providing 100% accurate compliance checks on orders, auto-populated state direct shipping and tax reports, delivery address validation, electronic age verification, carrier integration, and accurate tax collection. ShipCompliant`s technological infrastructure allows seamless integration with other software systems across all steps of the wine distribution chain, creating easy workflows and time savings. To view a demo of the system and see how wineries and retailers are saving time and money, please go to www.shipcompliant.com/demo or call toll free at 888-449-5285.


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