Newgistics Offers Free Pickup By U.S. Postal Service For Parcel Return Service Customers

Katie Evans

Merchandise Returns Made Easy Through Carrier Pickup™ Service

AUSTIN, TX - September 10, 2008 - Newgistics, an approved third-party reverse logistics provider for Parcel Return Service, today announced that its clients can now offer consumers free Carrier Pickup™ service by the Postal Service™ for any Parcel Return Service package.

Newgistics’ clients can now offer consumers the option to go online and request Carrier Pickup service (also known as Free Package Pickup). This allows consumers to request a free pickup for return packages without ever having to leave their homes or offices.

“With Free Package Pickup, Newgistics now has the most efficient and safe returns process in the United States,” said Bill Razzouk, Newgistics CEO. “It gives the consumer an even more hassle-free returns experience and provides for custodial control from the point of insertion to the final receipt of the return. This enhancement is just one more example of Newgistics’ ability to provide a complete value-chain return package solution.”

USPS’® Parcel Return Service offers cost advantages to businesses and retailers who ship directly to consumers. Newgistics clients are able to take advantage of Newgistics’ status as an approved third-party reverse logistics provider and offer these services to consumers.

“The Postal Service is the only shipper that offers the convenience of both pickup and delivery to every address in America,” said Jim Cochrane, USPS Vice President of Ground Shipping. “Because we’re already at every door, every day, our free Carrier Pickup service makes merchandise returns even more convenient for customers to send items back to a retailer. And it’s good for the retailer too - offering a simple, convenient merchandise return process is proven in market research to build sales and customer loyalty.”

Parcel Return Service is a USPS service that offers cost advantages to businesses and retailers who ship directly to consumers. Parcel Return Service customers complete additional mail preparation, sorting and transportation to provide consumers with an easy way to return items using preprinted, pre-paid return labels. Consumers then have the choice to drop packages in a collection box (providing weight restrictions are followed), take them to a Post Office™ - and now - request Free Package Pickup at their home or office.

Carrier Pickup service gives customers the convenience of having packages picked up at their home or office addresses at no additional charge, saving a trip to the Post Office. Free Package Pickup is available for packages up to 70 pounds being sent by Express Mail or Priority Mail - domestic or international - Parcel Return Service or Merchandise Return Service. Packages must include postage and be ready for shipment before the letter carrier arrives. There is no limit to the number of packages that can be picked up, but proper postage must be affixed to every package. A letter carrier will make the pickup during the next day’s regular delivery, Monday through Saturday, if the online request is made by 2 a.m. CT on the day the pickup has been requested.

Newgistics (www.newgistics.com) provides direct marketers and retailers with the only postal-based, intelligent logistics solution for forward and returns shipping focused on residential pickup and delivery. Newgistics’ flagship solution, SmartLabel®, features a dynamic barcode integrated with customer data at the point-of-sale that allows the shipper to populate their CRM systems with their customers’ information once the barcode is scanned in the Newgistics process. Newgistics lowers handling and overhead costs, maximizes operational control and drives greater customer satisfaction. Newgistics provides a competitive alternative to the traditional, expensive parcel carriers and drives customer loyalty and increases profitability for leading retailers like Neiman Marcus, and Abercrombie & Fitch.


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