E-retailer lets customers buy carbon offsets to balance shipping impact

PlanetShoes.com has introduced a program called CarbonFree Plus Shipping that will buy carbon offsets equivalent to the environmental impact of packing and shipping a customer’s purchase. Consumers generally pay $1.01 to $1.75 extra to participate.

Katie Evans

PlanetShoes.com, which calls itself “the eco-logical shoe shop,” has introduced a new program that lets consumers offset the environmental impact of packing and shipping their purchases.

Customers who participate in CarbonFree Plus Shipping pay an extra fee-typically $1.01 to $1.75-that the retailer will use to buy carbon offsets to balance the carbon dioxide added to the Earth’s atmosphere from the delivery of goods purchased at PlanetShoes.com. The e-retailer explains carbon offsets are calculated by taking the energy consumption required to ship the goods and coming up with a dollar figure that can be used to invest in alternative energy projects and technologies that offset the energy used and carbon dioxide emitted.

"Planet Shoes is passionate about the environment,” says Barry Bresnick, executive vice president of Planet, Inc., parent company of Planet Shoes. “When we learned about the option of purchasing carbon offsets to lower the carbon footprint of shipping materials and transport, we seized the opportunity. This is a program where we can literally partner with our customers to improve the environment."

Planet Shoes, which offers free ground shipping on all purchases and returns in the 48 contiguous U.S. states, has partnered with Carbonfund.org, which works with corporations on carbon offset campaigns.


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