NASCAR fans now can customize their own race gear

NASCAR racing fans now can customize sweatshirts and t-shirts with their favorite driver’s car number and signature. NASCAR.com Superstore looks to attract shoppers with the customized gear, starting at $19.99.

Mark Brohan

NASCAR auto racing fans looking for new ways to showcase their favorite drivers and teams now can customize shirts and sweatshirts with team logos, car numbers and driver signatures. The new online shopping feature is available through the racing league’s e-commerce site: NASCAR.com Superstore.

The new shopping feature enables fans to customize select apparel items available within the NASCAR.com Superstore. The customization tool provides race fans the option to tailor the products they select from the Superstore with special images, such as the car number, signature and sponsor logos representing a sampling of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers.

The customization tool, developed by GSI Commerce Inc., offers a selection of images representing the NASCAR brand and seven top drivers to include on the items they select for purchase. Images can be emblazoned on popular items from the online store, starting with shirts and sweatshirts. More items for men, women and kids are yet to come, says NASCAR.com Superstore, No. 291 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

In addition to supporting the most popular race drivers, the customization feature can help fans support drivers who aren’t always in the spotlight. “Every fan has a designer in them and wants to emulate their favorite team or driver,” says Mike Denton, NASCAR.com’s director of e-commerce. “This tool allows them to think it, make it and call it their own with their own unique custom garment that they personally created.”


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