Mercado Helps PlumberSurplus.com Replicate Online Success with the Launch of OutdoorPros.com

Katie Evans

Mercado’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering enables businesses to quickly diversify and easily expand into new retail segments.

PLEASANTON, CA, July 2, 2008 – Mercado, ( http://www.mercado.com) a leading eCommerce solution provider, today announced that Gordian Project recently launched its newest eCommerce site OutdoorPros.com ( http://www.outdoorpros.com), utilizing Mercado’s industry leading search, navigation and merchandising SaaS solution Mercado Ignition OnDemand™. OutdoorPros.com is a new vertical Web site operated by the same entrepreneurial management team that established PlumberSurplus.com, one of Internet Retailers Hot 100 Sites for 2008, a MCM Award Winner for Web Channel 2008 and a Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards finalist for 2007. The new site specializes in outdoor apparel, camping gear, tactical gear and gifts. Since launch, the company has seen significant traffic increases and reports impressive early sales growth.

A growing trend in eCommerce – fueled by the availability and popularity of on-demand solutions – is a strategy whereby SMBs leverage an existing successful online retail model, and diversify by expanding into new product offerings and new markets. PlumberSurplus.com is one such example of an online business that is seizing the opportunity created by the growing popularity of online shopping, and leveraging investments to scale its business.

Having launched PlumberSurplus.com in 2004, Gordian Project’s Managing Partner Timothy Jackson and Vanessa Hofmann, Merchandising and Public Relations Team Leader, felt it was the perfect time to launch a new site. Based on input from the rest of their team – many of whom are avid outdoor enthusiasts – they decided to launch OutdoorPros.com. Because they were using Mercado’s SaaS solution, Hofmann and her team were able to quickly and cost effectively leverage the successful PlumberSurplus.com marketing platform, and launch their new brand and product portfolio with minimal effort – what Hofmann refers to as a “control c, control v” strategy.

“By combining our custom eCommerce platform with Mercado’s powerful site search, navigation and merchandising platform, we had developed a very successful business model that we knew could scale to multiple verticals,” commented Hofmann. “To launch our new brand, we developed a new look and feel, and inserted our new products and product categories into our existing eCommerce platform – from which Mercado drives the site search and merchandising capabilities. We truly believe in the advantages of Mercado’s SaaS solution, and appreciate the flexibility it gives us as a business.” Boosted by their success with both sites, Jackson and Hofmann are now working to identify promising new retail segments to enter early next year.

“I’m continually impressed by the business acumen and creativity of today’s SMB online retailers. Sites like OutdoorPros.com are great examples of replicable online models, making use of SaaS to scale and grow,” said Corey Leibow, President and CEO of Mercado. “The combination of retailing savvy, great on-demand technology and a little bullishness is a recipe for growth and profits. Mercado looks forward to continuing to play a vital role in Gordian Project’s online strategy as they add new brands to their portfolio.”

About OutdoorPros.com
Launched in 2008, OutdoorPros.com is a pure play online retailer offering a tremendous assortment of outdoor products, supplies, equipment, and gear for the adventure enthusiast, including camping, apparel, cutlery and more. We are continually expanding our product offering and services to meet customer expectations. As a pure online retailer we use our best efforts to give the customer the comforts of the in-store experience without having to leave their homes, or in our customer’s case… their tents. You can read more about Gordian Project on their eCommerce and Entrepreneurship Blog.

About Mercado
Mercado is a leading eCommerce solution provider, offering site search & navigation, merchandising and storefront solutions to more than 400 multi-channel, pure-play & SMB Internet retail and B2B eCommerce brands in the United States, Canada and Europe. Mercado enables a rich shopping experience and equips eCommerce professionals with a powerful platform on which to execute merchandising strategies and ignite revenue growth. As a result of deploying Mercado’s software and on-demand solutions, online retailers commonly realize immediate and significant increases in both conversion rate and average order value (AOV). Plumbersuplus.com, evogear.com, GUESS?, Inc., Macy`s, Organize.com, Overstock.com, REI, Ross-Simons, Sears Holdings Corp., Ted Baker and Williams-Sonoma, Inc. are some of the online businesses who have partnered with Mercado.

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