Autodata Solutions Increases Service Department Profit Opportunities Through Servit’s Dealership Offerings

Katie Evans

Detroit, Michigan, June 25, 2008 –With dwindling retail margins, automotive dealerships are looking for better ways to make their businesses profitable. The service department has long been a key profit center for every dealership. That’s why Servit, LLC turned to Autodata Solutions to augment the content in its web-based software, providing dealership service departments with increased profit opportunities.

Autodata Solutions’ new Factory Service Schedule data provides the recommended maintenance schedules to track severe service flags, recommended service intervals and labor times for most U.S. vehicles dating back to 1992. By keeping consumers informed about maintenance schedules affecting their vehicles, dealerships can establish on-going and loyal customer relationships.

“We have been very pleased to form this technology data-sharing partnership with Autodata. This step has enabled Servit to expand its product portfolio and launch another dealership product called, ServitPLUS™. This product will provide our dealer-clients with factory recommended service information that we did not have available to offer before,” said Philip Fioravante, President and CEO, Servit, LLC.

“With the addition of Factory Service Schedule data to our ever-expanding offering and our alliance with Servit, we have effectively raised the bar for this industry. Our clients, like Servit, now benefit from the most comprehensive, timely and accurate automotive data and tools available today," said Michael Lefteris, Senior Manager, Business Development for Autodata Solutions, Inc.

Servit, LLC of Troy, Michigan, provides an online management system specifically designed for service departments. It was created to assist service departments with consistently and effectively presenting products and services to customers, using a web-based computer software that shows, in real time, what is needed for each vehicle, why it is needed based on real-time previous history, and the cost. The system is programmed with every menu-selling item and allows dealership service managers to customize the menu in real time with no reprinting costs. For more information, contact www.servitgroup.com.

Autodata Solutions, Inc. is one of North America’s leading automotive software and data providers. Founded in 1990, Autodata Solutions provides automotive content, research, and technology implementation services to auto manufacturers, fleet and leasing companies, dealership service providers and Internet media portals in North America, to help them market and sell their products more effectively and profitably. Autodata Solutions, Inc. has offices in Detroit, Los Angeles, and London, Ontario, Canada, and is a division of Internet Brands, Inc. (www.internetbrands.com). For more information, visit www.autodatasolutions.com.

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