Coremetrics Quick Start Service Reduces Time for Deployment by 95%

Katie Evans

Accelerates ROI by Enabling Businesses to Tag Web Sites in a Single Day

SAN MATEO, Calif., June 23, 2008 –
Coremetrics, the leading provider of digital marketing optimization solutions, today announced the introduction of Quick Start, an innovative new service that dramatically reduces Web site tagging time. This enables clients to optimize their site for data collection in a single day.

With IT teams stretched to the limit in many companies, projects such as tagging Web sites to collect business and behavioral data often have to compete with other business-critical initiatives. This can result in lengthy delays in implementing online marketing capabilities that are critical to increasing site conversion and revenues and optimizing marketing spend.

With the Quick Start service, the total implementation time for such projects is accelerated and clients can go live in as little as three weeks; client labor is reduced by approximately 95%. As part of the service, clients participate in a one-day session with Coremetrics to determine their data acquisition strategy. Based on this, Coremetrics then delivers a superscript that automatically populates the client’s site with JavaScript tags that collect business-critical data. Clients can run and test the script in a single day.

“Quick Start enabled us to get our system up and running much faster than we could have on our own,” said Nick Uresin, Chief Executive Officer at Tuccini Corporation, a leading provider of brand name fragrances at discounted prices. “With all our tags executed in just one day, and the whole process completed in a couple of weeks, we are gaining business value much more quickly than we ever thought possible. The insight we now have is enabling us to adjust our online campaigns to increase return on advertising spend. As a result, we expect the Coremetrics solution to pay for itself in just a few months.”

Not only does Quick Start dramatically minimize the time to deployment, clients also benefit from the expertise brought by Coremetrics implementation engineers-experienced technical guides who have supported the implementation of Coremetrics on some of the Web’s most sophisticated sites. Coremetrics’ expertise spans more than 1,000 clients worldwide, across multiple industries, including retail, financial services, travel, media, content and consumer packaged goods. It includes the know-how and proficiency to quickly design an effective data acquisition strategy and build a superscript that leads to both short- and long-term return on investment.

“In most companies, online marketers are clamoring for tools that will help them understand visitor behavior and gain insight into the performance of their marketing campaigns,” said John Squire, Chief Strategy Officer at Coremetrics. “They typically have to wait until people with the right IT skills are available before implementation can begin-unless the company chooses to bring in consultants at a hefty fee to handle deployment. Quick Start puts Web analytics on the fast track so that clients can begin enjoying the advantages in weeks instead of months.”

About Coremetrics
Coremetrics is the leading provider of digital marketing optimization solutions. Its solutions generate high return on online marketing investment and continue to pay daily dividends in improved marketing performance. Over 1,000 online business sites, transacting over $15 billion this year, are now using Coremetrics’ Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to optimize online marketing efforts. Coremetrics’ solutions encompass advanced online analytics and precision marketing applications, including search engine bid management, email marketing and cross sell applications to acquire customers more cost effectively, increase conversion rates, and increase lifetime customer value. Clients have recognized over $300M in documented ROI and 87% of clients recognize ROI in 12 weeks or less. The company is privately held with funding from 3i, Accel Partners, FTVentures, and Highland Capital Partners and is headquartered in San Mateo, California and competes with Omniture and WebTrends. To learn more about Coremetrics, visit www.coremetrics.com or call 877-721-CORE.

Coremetrics has strongly supported online privacy since its inception. To learn more, visit www.coremetrics.com/privacy.

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