Infopia Launches Newest Version of its eCommerce Platform

Kurt Peters

Powerful Web Services, Advanced Amazon Integration, and Performance Reporting Now Part of Infopia’s eCommerce Platform

Salt Lake City, UT – April 16, 2008 –Infopia, the leading online, multi-channel selling platform provider, announced today that the 2008 Spring Release of their eCommerce growth platform is available to all customers. This release includes new web services, Amazon integration, and performance reporting. The web services functionality opens up the Infopia eCommerce platform to customers and partners that want to integrate back-office solutions, while the Amazon integration enables inventory to be launched directly to Amazon Seller Central with advanced attribute data. The new performance reporting rounds out the list of major changes, and gives online merchants unparalleled access to business information for optimizing their eCommerce operations.

The new Infopia web services functionality enables management of inventory, order, and customer data from external web-service enabled applications. Infopia’s web services are now WS-I standards compliant, which makes it easy for both experienced and novice integrators to develop composite solutions. They will help online merchants scale and grow their business much easier by integrating all critical processes and technology.

The new Amazon integration gives online merchants the ability to automatically place inventory on Amazon Seller Central directly from the Infopia eCommerce platform with advanced product and category attribute data. This very robust and easy-to-use integration will increase a seller’s conversion rates on Amazon and grow online revenues.

The new performance reporting from Infopia gives online merchants better visibility into their business with full filtering and exportability of data. Online merchants will be able to make better strategic decisions with extensive information on product mix, channel optimization, and marketing spend.

“The 2008 Spring Release of the Infopia eCommerce platform is really about helping customers optimize and grow their business,” said David Platt, Director of Product Management at Infopia. “The openness of the Infopia eCommerce platform provides the level of flexibility needed to fully leverage an eCommerce operation for success. We expect our customers will be able to accelerate their growth because of new web services, Amazon integration, and performance reporting.”

About Infopia

Infopia provides eCommerce software and services to help merchants grow their online business. From inventory and order management, to exposing products to more online buyers, to providing professional business services, Infopia has the right tools to increase online revenues. Infopia is an award-winning eCommerce solution company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information, call 888.337.6352 or visit www.infopia.com.

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